Party Wall Surveys & Services In Stanley

August 25, 2021

Party Wall Solutions Stanley

The approach that Party Wall Solutions Stanley has produced in response to the Party Wall etc. Act of 1996 is one that is one that is successful, innovative, and up to current.

We use an approach that focuses on finding solutions to any party wall issues that may arise and are able to provide guidance on any construction project, whether it be an extension, a loft conversion, or an entirely new commercial or residential development.

The Party Wall Act

The Party Wall etc. Act of 1996 was passed in the United Kingdom with the goal of preventing, minimising, and resolving issues that may emerge between neighbours regarding shared borders. The Act was enacted in 1996. When it goes into effect, this law will need to be analysed using the methods that are typically used for gaining approval for planning.

Party Wall Solutions have a number of experienced surveyors ready to help

What we are going to do is:

-Find out whether or not the responsibilities that are mentioned in the Act apply to the project that you are working on.
-Utilize technologies and approaches that are efficient in order to guarantee compliance with the act and reduce the amount of time that the project is delayed.
-Your guarantee of compliance with the Act's obligations ought to come with specific instructions and a cost that has already been decided in advance.

For additional information, please contact Party Wall Solutions Stanley

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