Party Wall Surveys & Services In Sleaford

March 30, 2021

Party Wall Solutions Sleaford

 Party Wall Solutions Sleaford is more than pleased to offer guidance regarding party walls for any potential issues. We are able to lend you a hand with a wide range of projects thanks to our skill and experience dealing with a wide variety of party wall challenges.

These projects can range from small residential additions to huge commercial expansions. We are able to provide a hand with any project, including the construction of party walls.

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The Party Wall Act

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 was passed by the government in 1996 with the intention of preventing and resolving disputes about party walls, boundary barriers, and excavation near neighbouring structures. In addition, the Act covers what are known as "party buildings," which can be anything as straightforward as a wall or floor that divides two residences or apartments.

Party Wall Solutions Sleaford Can Help

Party Wall Solutions Sleaford is able to efficiently manage party wall concerns. This allows them to ensure compliance with the Act while also minimising delays. After determining whether or not the Act applies to your project, we will contemplate whether or not we are able to provide you with cost estimates.

Regardless of whether or not the Act applies to your situation, you are free to make use of this provision. With the assistance of Party Wall Solutions, any issues that arise about party walls can be resolved.

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