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The Party Wall Act provides a framework that allows for the resolution and prevention of problems between owners of neighbouring residences regarding the maintenance of a party wall or the closure of a party wall.

Building/Property Owner

Do you intend to do work on your property? 

Is a Party Wall Notice necessary.

We're going to:

We will advise you if your building project requires the party wall act
We always provide clear and truthful advise.
Offering fixed fee's when you comply with the party wall act.
We use technology to adhere with the party wall act which also prevent any delays to projects.

Adjoining Property Owner

The Party Wall Notice has been served to you - 

Unsure where how to reply or where you stand?

We will:

All fees are met by the building owner of where the building work is taking place.
We can advise you on what to do.
Contact us today for advice if your neighbour has started work without a party wall notice!

Reliable. Trusted. Experienced.

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We take pride in our adaptability and personal interest in meeting the needs of our clients. Party Wall Solutions is a growing team of surveyors with extensive experience, abilities, and knowledge. Call Party Wall Solutions if you want a knowledgeable and versatile approach to all of your property matters!
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In order to ensure the most effective possible operation, we use electronic communication and technology.
Build neighbour relationships and answer any questions in order to make them comfortable with the projects proposed.
We examine the work carefully so that any risks and design details needed to conclude the project are predicted and discussed.
Drive the process forward proactively.

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