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What’s included in a Party Wall Award?

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What is a Party Wall?

What is the Party Wall Act?

The Party Wall etc. Act of 1996 establishes a structure for preventing and resolving conflicts regarding works to party walls, boundary walls, and excavations near neighbouring buildings.

A Building Owner who intends to begin work protected by the Act must notify ‘Adjoining Owners' of their plans in the procedure provided by the Act.

Failure to serve notice can result in an injunction to halt construction on the site.
What does the Party Wall Act do?
The party wall act allows ‘building owners' to undertake projects subject to conditions and a legal process.
Allows ‘adjoining owners' to contest works to ensure they are correctly completed, with correct design work sequences and specifications.
Legally Protects both owners should damages arise out of the works
Section 2 - Beam Insertion
Installing new steel beams for expansions, open-plan living areas, or loft conversions
Excavations in Section 6-1
Excavation within 3 meters of an adjoining land owner's property and below the level of their foundations
Excavations in Section 6-2
Excavation within 6 meters of the land of an adjacent owner and if any of the excavation intersects the plane from the ground of the owner's foundations, drawn at a 45° angle (such as for basement or piling works)
The condition calendar documents the condition of the property of the neighbors before the work begins. This protects all parties if the outcome causes damage.The condition programme, for an assessment of what is new and old, may be referenced, enabling the auditors to calculate any costs. Highlight any defects before work is started, Photographic record & written record
Adjoining owners may issue an injunction unless informed.
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unnecessary inconveniences' must not be caused by work (Archway agrees with fair practice as part of the awards
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Surveryor’s Role
Authority to stop work if not in line with appropriate notices.
Provide access to the nearby land if necessary
Manage design changes during construction.
Dealing with damage claims and awarding damage remediation costs
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