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Understanding the Implications if a Neighbour Objects to a Party Wall Agreement

What Happens if your Neighbour Objects to a Party Wall Agreement? – Party Wall Solutions

Parties interested in home renovations or constructions should be aware of the party wall act, which requires property owners to serve a party wall notice to their neighbours. If your neighbours agree with the proposals, you can proceed with the construction plans without further delay or discussion. However, what happens if your neighbour objects to the party wall agreement? Would that mean that you have to abandon your plans?

Understanding Who Can Object to a Party Wall Agreement

When it comes to party wall agreements, both property owners have rights under the law. If one neighbour proposes building changes that border a neighbouring property, the party wall agreement is meant to protect both parties. The neighbour is served a party wall notice, and if the neighbour agrees to the party wall agreement, you can proceed with the proposed changes. However, if the neighbour is not happy with the proposals, they have a right to object to the party wall agreement.

What Happens When a Neighbour Objects?

The first step is to listen to the neighbour’s concerns and try to resolve the issue amicably. If you can’t agree on the proposed changes, the next step is to appoint a surveyor to help both parties reach a party wall agreement. The surveyor will prepare a party wall award that outlines the proposed changes and the responsibilities of each party.

If the neighbour refuses to agree to the party wall award, they have the right to appoint their surveyor. Several surveyors may be appointed, and the costs are borne by the parties involved. This process can take up to three months or even longer, and the fees can be substantial.

How Party Wall Solutions Can Help

The party wall law can be complex, and disputes can escalate quickly. As a result, it’s important to work with a trusted and experienced party wall surveyor who can handle party wall disputes and resolve issues quickly. This is where Party Wall Solutions can help.

Party Wall Solutions offers expert advice and guidance, ensuring that your party wall dispute is resolved quickly. We can help ensure that the party wall agreement is upheld, and we’ll negotiate on your behalf when dealing with surveyors appointed by your neighbour. We also offer a cost-effective service, allowing you to save money on legal fees and survey costs.

Benefits of Working With Party Wall Solutions

Expert guidance, expedited resolution
We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to home renovations. That’s why we provide fast and efficient services that ensure that your party wall agreements are dealt with promptly. We’ll listen to your concerns and provide professional guidance on the next steps to take.

Cost Effectiveness
We provide a cost-effective, transparent service that ensures that you only pay for the services you need. We provide a free initial consultation, allowing you to assess our services before you decide to work with us.

Expertise and Experience
We have years of experience dealing with party wall disputes, and we’ve helped numerous homeowners resolve party wall disputes expediently.

Contact Party Wall solutions Today

Your neighbour has a right to object to your party wall agreement, and disputes can be challenging to resolve without professional help. A trusted and experienced party wall surveyor can be your best ally in resolving party wall disputes quickly and cost-effectively. At Party Wall Solutions, we offer expert guidance and services that help you save money, time and energy. Get in touch today to discuss your party wall dispute and how we can help you.


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