Party Wall Surveys & Services In Kidlington

November 12, 2020

Party Wall Solutions Kidlington

Party Wall Solutions  Kidlington provides specialist party wall advice to property developers and residents.

We provide skilled and efficient party wall surveying to building owners and adjoining. Our knowledge and understanding of the Party Wall Act enable us to make educated and timely decisions, resulting in a method that is efficient, safe, and satisfactory to all parties. Our party wall surveying services cover the following:

  • Consultation to review proposals and set the requirements for party wall awards
  • Notifying all parties of their responsibilities.
  • Creating and distributing relevant Notices
  • Observing schedules of conditions
  • Putting together party wall awards
  • Notifying neighbouring property owners that they have received a Notice
  • Work as the appointed Surveyor.

For more information about the Party Wall Act please call Party Wall Solutions Kidlington

When Is A Party Wall Survey Needed?

In simple terms, The Act applies in three situations where a Party Wall Award may be needed. These are some examples:

  • i) If you are building on the boundary between your property and the property of a neighbour
  • ii) When doing repairs on a shared wall with a neighbour
  • iii) When building near three or six metres of a neighbour's land.

The party wall awarding process can be confusing at times. It is typically seen as yet another stumbling block in the construction process, adding to an ever-expanding list of obstacles. Our expert understanding at Party Wall Solutions Kidlington allows us to make this process as straightforward as possible for you.

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