Party Wall Surveys & Services In Romsey

December 4, 2020
Party Wall Surveys & Services In Romsey


For over 20 years, have been trusted as renowned Party Wall specialists in Romsey to deliver projects and secure people's homes.

Exactly what does "PARTY WALL" mean?

What with the Party Wall and everything. The Act of 1996 governs three distinct types of work: alterations to party structures (often walls but sometimes also floorings), new wall construction at the border, and excavation near adjoining properties.

Some examples of work that is probably protected by the Act include the following:

  • As part of a loft remodel, lights must be positioned such that they do not shine through the party wall.
  • Take down party wall-attached smokeshaft breasts
  • New construction foundation excavation within 3 metres of an existing or adjacent building
  • Assisting a subterranean extension by underpinning a shared wall

Where work falls within the Act's scope, the building owner must give notice and also get the consent of the affected adjacent owner; if consent is not given, the parties are considered to be "in dispute" under the Act, and also surveyors must be appointed so that the dispute can be settled using a Party Wall Contract (technically called a "Award").

In the event that the two appointed surveyors are unable to reach an agreement on the disputed issues, they may refer the matter to a Third Party surveyor who was selected in advance.

At Party Wall Solutions in Romsey, we have a crack team of 12 people that work together to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. This includes knowledgeable party wall surveyors, assistant surveyors, and skilled party wall managers.

From our hub in Romsey, we serve the entire inner M25 area, so if you're planning any kind of project that falls within the Act's purview or if you've received a notice about proposed works that might affect your property, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Party Wall Surveys & Services In Romsey

Party Wall Solutions is a home inspection service we offer. Party Wall Surveys are carried out by qualified, impartial third parties such as RICS-registered surveyors.
There is a dividing wall between two houses, and the owners of both houses have agreed to split the cost of building and maintaining the wall. If you have any Party Wall issues with your home, our Party Wall Surveyors in Romsey will be able to help you.

What Is A Party Wall Survey?

A Party Wall Surveyor is typically enlisted to aid in the preparation and administration of a Party Wall Honor or Contract in the event that two or more properties share a common wall, as required by the Party Wall Act of 1996.

Surveyors from Party Wall Solutions in Romsey can investigate the Party Wall and its location in relation to both private residences on behalf of the Building Owner or the Adjacent Property Owner, and then make objective recommendations to either party regarding any proposed alterations or repairs.


If you're working on any of the following and think you might need the input of our Party Wall Surveyors in Romsey, don't hesitate to contact us.

  • New wall construction on the boundary between two houses or buildings
  • Creating a hole in a dividing wall (for example, elimination of a chimney breast or insertion of a steel supporting beam).
  • Party wall demolition and reconstruction.
  • Demolishing or rebuilding a border wall as per a Line of Joint Notice.
  • Holes dug near three to six feet of a neighbour's house.

Any work that involves a Party Wall must be accompanied by a Party Wall Notice.

Why Should You Select Party Wall Solutions As Your Party Wall Surveyors?

You may be wondering why you need to hire Party Wall Solutions in Romsey as your party wall surveyors.
As impartial and unbiased RICS Surveyors, we often handle Party Wall situations of varying complexity for building owners and adjacent owners.
We are a Chartered Surveying firm, and our Party Wall Surveyors are members of the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors and the Pyramus & Thisbe Club.
We advise building owners to establish an amicable and open relationship with their neighbours so that any construction plans can be discussed in advance of the service of Party Wall Notices.

We are Experienced Party Wall Surveyors and Building Surveyors

That We Are

In addition to being skilled building and party wall surveyors, we also have extensive experience in the related field.
There are RICS Chartered Surveyors, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Chartered Institute of Building, RICS Registered Valuers, and RICS Accredited Mediators in our North Romsey headquarters and at our two additional locations in Central Romsey and Surrey.

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What We Do

Our surveyors have extensive knowledge in all aspects of residential surveying, including but not limited to: Party Wall Agreements; Building Valuations; Pre-Purchase Surveys; Home Dispute Mediation; and Border Disputes; and an array of other Checking Providers. For any Surveying needs you may have, you may rely on our expertise, experience, and qualifications.

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How We Do It

Our Chartered Surveyors and Building Surveyors at Party Wall Solutions Surveyors are not only qualified, but also well-versed in Party Wall Checking and other forms of residential surveying. Throughout the entire Evaluating process, you will be kept in the loop with the help of our groundbreaking client website.

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Do I require a party wall arrangement?

When is a party wall agreement (also known as a party wall honour) or a party wall notice (also known as a party wall notice) required? We provide you with all the information you need to successfully obtain all necessary permits for your construction projects. And where to locate a party wall surveyor if you ever need one.

How can I know whether I need a party wall agreement?

  • A party wall is the shared boundary between two properties in a terraced or semidetached neighbourhood.
  • Excavations near a neighbour's house and yard walls built over a boundary are also included (within three or 6 meters, depending on the depth of the new structures).
  • Loft conversions, the installation of damp proof programmes, and the digging of new buildings are three examples of common home construction projects that necessitate Party Wall Agreements (as would be required in developing an extension).

Obtaining authorization for work on party walls.

  • The Structure Proprietor of a property will need a formal Party Wall Contract from all abutting neighbours before any construction work can begin on the party wall (Adjoining Owners).
  • A Party Wall Honor Survey may also be required, for which a surveyor must be chosen (the agreed document detailing just how the works needed to proceed). Using our no-cost Party Wall Surveyor service, you can easily locate qualified local Party Wall Surveyors in Romsey.
  • The procedure begins with the homeowner giving written notice to their neighbours, known as a "Party Wall Notice," of the planned party wall improvements.

Provide a notice of party wall occupation.

Using ideal standard forms is free, but a party wall surveyor will charge a set cost. As a standard, a letter of commendation for the recipient to fill out and return is included.

Two months' written notice is required for construction projects that will affect a party wall or boundary, while one month's notice is required for excavations.

A Party Wall notice can be served without the need for prior approval of the proposed construction, and once served, the homeowner has up to a year to start the project.

Gaining acceptance.

When a neighbour is given notice, they have fourteen days to respond, after which one of three things can happen:

i) The neighbour gives acceptance in writing providing the homeowner will put right any type of troubles.

  • It is not necessary to hire a party wall surveyor or obtain a Party Wall Award in such straightforward cases.
  • The owner of the property should take recent photographs of the party wall and, ideally, agree on a written record of any damage, with copies of both.
  • A surveyor might be brought in to create a timetable and do an inspection of the situation, both of which would reduce the potential for disagreements down the road. This needs to be completed before work can begin.

ii) A Party Wall Honor is required if the neighbour objects (or if they do not answer within 14 days, in which case they are considered to have objected).

Within 10 days, the homeowner and neighbour may usually agree on appointing a single surveyor who will be neutral in the case.
The agreed-upon surveyor must be both impartial and distinct from any surveyor the owner may already be working with. If not, their next-door neighbour is unlikely to see the surveyor as unbiased.
In a "Honor," the Agreed Surveyor details the suggested repairs and includes a schedule showing the neighbor's home's condition over time, complete with photos.
A party wall award and surveyor would set you back roughly £1000.00. Hourly rates for surveyors range from £150.00 to £200.00.
Certain engineers also have the skills necessary to carry out the role of surveyor.

iii) Each property owner chooses a surveyor on their own. However, this can get expensive for the homeowner who must pay for both their own surveyor's fees and those of their neighbour.

If the neighbour has other options, it is crucial that they are spelled out in the notification.

Maintaining great connections with your neighbors.

  • The Party Wall Act requires that you have a nice talk with your neighbour before putting a notification in their letterbox, which may seem frightening.
  • Sharing tea together strengthens bonds and calms nerves. Here is your chance to show off those rough draughts and give some background on the finished products. Not to mention, a formal announcement will be made afterward.
  • Your neighbour has the right to inquire about your surveyor and/or construction company's contact information for the purposes of gathering more details and gaining some degree of comfort.

Common mistakes.

  • i) not offering sufficient notice.
  • In the case of a terraced house, the renovations may affect those on either side of your home. The owner of an apartment building may need to provide notice to a large number of tenants.
  • iii) Not providing a detailed enough explanation of the suggested task or omitting important information. Excavation notices, for instance, should provide comprehensive structure descriptions.
  • iv) failing to abide by the stipulation or giving notice in an unacceptable format. Notice to dig deeper than a party wall takes a different form.
  • It's possible that multiple types of notice need to be given to neighbours who will be affected by a single construction project.


After two months and sometime, construction can begin if the party wall award has been reached an agreement.
After a year and a day, construction should have began.

Party walls as well as building job

Reaching a compromise with nearby residents

After receiving such a notification, your neighbour is entitled to:

  • reject permission in writing to initiate the dispute resolution process
  • provide notice requesting additional works to be completed concurrently (they'll have to pay for them if they benefit from the works).

If your neighbour agrees to your request for a 14-day extension, they must inform you in writing within that time frame. There is a 30-day window after the initial notice is given for a counter notice to be delivered.

The notice calls for a response from your neighbours. Silence on their part is not necessarily indicative of their approval of the works.

You can start the resolution process if they don't react to your notice within the specified time frame.

Who pays for the work.

Any kind of construction work that you do on a party wall will need to be funded by you.

  • If repairs are necessary due to damage or neglect, it is possible that your neighbour will be responsible for covering some of the associated costs. If they want extra work done for their benefit, they will have to pay for it.
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