Party Wall Surveys & Services In Bridport

February 5, 2021
Party Wall Surveys & Services In Bridport


For over 20 years, have been trusted as renowned Party Wall specialists to deliver projects and secure people's homes.


The Party Wall Act 1996 authorises renovations to party structures (usually walls but also floors), new walls at the boundary, and excavation near neighbouring homes.

Some examples of things covered by the Act:

  • Loft conversions involve cutting light beams into party walls.
  • Removing party wall chimney breast.
  • Excavation for a new addition within 3m of an existing structure
  • Party wall underpinning for cellar extension.

Where work falls under the Act, a building owner must serve notice and get the affected adjoining owner's approval; if that permission is not forthcoming, the parties are deemed to be 'in dispute' under the Act and surveyors must be assigned so the dispute can be resolved by way of a Party Wall Arrangement (technically called a 'Honor').

If the two surveyors can't agree on an issue, they can refer to a third surveyor.

At Party Wall Solutions in Bridport, our 12 seasoned party wall surveyors, assistant surveyors, and party wall managers ensure everything runs smoothly.

Our network of Bridport offices covers the entire M25, so if you're planning work that falls under the Act or has received a notice of suggested works that may affect your house, please contact us for recommendations.

Party Wall Studies & Solutions In Bridport

Party Wall Solutions evaluates homes and businesses. RICS-registered surveyors conduct unbiased, neutral Party Wall Studies.
A Party Wall divides two properties whose owners share responsibility for it. Our Party Wall Surveyors can advise you on property-related Party Wall issues in Bridport.

What Is A Party Wall Survey?

Usually, a Party Wall Surveyor is hired to help prepare and manage a Party Wall Award or Contract under the 1996 Party Wall Act.

Party Wall Solutions Surveyors in Bridport analyse the nature of the Party Wall and its placement in relation to both residential properties and provide objective advise for either party regarding architectural alterations or repairs in Bridport.


Our Party Wall Surveyors can help if you plan to:

  • The building and construction of a new wall at the limit of two homes
  • Party Walls (for example, removal of a chimney breast or insertion of a steel supporting light beam).
  • Party Wall demolition or reconstruction.
  • Tearing down or restoring a boundary wall under a Line of Junction Notice.
  • Excavations within 3-6 metres of neighbouring homes or businesses.

Party Wall Notices have to be served for any type of work being carried out in connection to a Party Wall.

Why Should You Select Party Wall Solutions As Your Party Wall Surveyors?

As independent, objective Surveyors, we manage Party Wall issues for building owners and adjacent owners.
Our Party Wall Surveyors are members of the Professors of Party Wall Surveyors.
We recommend building owners maintain a positive, open relationship with their neighbours before serving Party Wall Notices.

We are Experienced Party Wall Surveyors and Building Surveyors

That We Are

With offices in North Bridport, Central Bridport, and Surrey, we have RICS Chartered Surveyors, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Chartered Institute of Structure, RICS Registered Valuers, and RICS Accredited Mediators.

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What We Do

Our residential surveyors are professionals in Party Wall Agreements, Home Valuations, Pre-purchase Studies, Residential Or Commercial Property Dispute Mediation, and Limit Disputes. We can help with your Checking needs.

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Just how We Do It

Our Chartered Surveyors and Structure Surveyors specialise in Party Wall Surveying and Residential Surveying at Party Wall Solutions Surveyors. Our industry-first client webpage keeps you updated throughout the Surveying process.

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When do you need a party wall notice or arrangement? Our guide gives all the information you need to secure building permits. How to find a party wall surveyor if needed.

Is a party wall agreement required?

  • A party wall is the common wall between two dwellings, usually a balcony or semi-detached.
  • It has overgrown yard walls and excavations near a neighbour's home (within three or six meters, relying on the deepness of the brand-new foundations).
  • In the home, Party Wall Agreements are required for loft conversions, the installation of damp proof systems, and new foundation excavation (as would certainly be needed in developing an expansion).

Party wall construction approval.

  • Before party wall structure works may begin, the structure owner needs a Party Wall Contract from all affected neighbours (Adjacent Owners).
  • A surveyor must draught a Party Wall Honor (the agreed document laying out exactly how the works should advance). Find local Party Wall Surveyors using our free service.
  • The homeowner must serve a written Party Wall Notice to their neighbours about scheduled party wall functions.

Party wall announcement.

Using standard forms or a party wall surveyor, serving notice is free. Usually, a neighbour-appreciation note is provided.

A homeowner must give 2 months' written notice for building work affecting a party wall or boundary or 1 month for excavations.

Planning permission is not needed to serve a Party Wall notice, and the property owner has a year to start renovations.

Acquiring acceptance.

A neighbour has 14 days to react to a notice, after which three outcomes are possible:

i) The neighbour gives written consent if the homeowner fixes difficulties.

  • In simple cases, no party wall surveyor or honour is needed.
  • The homeowner should take old photos of the party wall and make copies of any cracks.
  • Or a surveyor could check and provide a condition report to reduce future disputes. Before work begins, do this immediately.

ii) If the neighbour disagrees (or doesn't answer within 14 days, they're considered to disagree), a Party Wall Honor is required.

Both homeowner and neighbour can assign ONE Concurred Surveyor to act impartially for both within 10 days.

The agreed surveyor should be independent and NOT the homeowner's surveyor. Their neighbour won't consider the surveyor neutral otherwise.

The agreed surveyor develops a "Honor" that specifies the proposed works and a schedule of problems with the neighbour's residence.

A party wall honour and surveyor costs 1000.00.

iii)Each owner appoints a surveyor. The homeowner must pay for both their surveyor and their neighbour's.

All the neighbour's alternatives must be listed in the notice.

Maintaining neighbourly relationships.

  • Have a polite talk with your neighbour before placing a Party Wall sign.
  • A friendly chat fosters goodwill and reduces worries. It's an opportunity to display sketches and negotiate jobs. Official notice will be provided later.
  • Your neighbour may want to contact your surveyor or building company for more information and peace of mind.

Usual blunders.

  • i) insufficient notice.
  • ii) Depending on the jobs, your terraced neighbours may be affected. A homeowner near apartments may need to serve notice to multiple persons.
  • iii) Not describing the task enough or lacking details. Excavation notices must include structural details.
  • iv) not using criteria or improper notice. Differs from a party wall notice.

One construction activity may require many notices for each neighbour.


  • 2 months later, if the party wall honour is agreed, construction can commence.
  • One year later, construction must have begun.

Party walls and also structure work

Reaching an arrangement with your neighbours

As soon as you have actually given notice your neighbour can:

  • give authorization in writing
  • Refuse authorisation to start dispute resolution.
  • Serve a counter notice asking further work (they'll have to pay if they use it).

Your neighbour must respond to your notice within 2 weeks, and you must do the same with any counter-notice. The first notice must be countered within a month.

The notice must be answered. No response does not mean consent.

If they don't react in time, the dispute resolution process will commence.

That pays for the work.

Building on a party wall costs money.

If faults or lack of repair need work, your neighbour may need to contribute. If they want extra work that benefits them, they must pay.

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