Party Wall Surveys & Services In Bridport

February 5, 2021

Party Wall Solutions Bridport

Party Walls Solutions provides impartial, expert advise to building owners and bordering owners regarding building activities close or on the boundary, as well as repairs to Party Wall structures and fences.

We can provide a comprehensive service for drafting Notices, Awards, and Schedules of Condition in accordance with the requirements of the Act.

The Party Wall Act

Under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996, a party wall concern refers primarily to development at or near a 'lines of junction' between two different property owners, which is deemed to require notification. When it comes to construction work that may affect a neighbouring structure, the approach is typically fraught with contention.
A competent chartered surveyor familiar with the implementation of the Party Wall etc. Act of 1996 can aid in the equitable resolution of disputes.

Call Party Wall Solutions Bridport for assistance

Party Wall Solutions can help

Party Wall Solutions Bridport Surveyors represents both property owners proposing building close adjacent properties whom have received notices under the Act. Party wall surveyors are required to address party wall disputes in an impartial and pragmatic manner, and we work tirelessly to ensure that differences are settled expeditiously and that, whenever possible, good relations are preserved between neighbours.

We can provide you with help and assistance, so please don't hesitate to call contact us today.

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