Party Wall Surveys & Services In Newport Pagnell

January 11, 2021
Party Wall Surveys & Services In Newport Pagnell


For over 20 years, have been trusted as renowned Party Wall specialists to deliver projects and secure people's homes.


Under the 1996 Party Wall Act, alterations to party frameworks (usually walls, but they may also be floors) are covered, as are new walls being built along boundaries and excavation close to neighbouring properties in Newport Pagnell.

Among the most common occupations covered by the Act are those listed here.

  • As part of the loft conversion, reducing the beams to the party wall.
  • A party wall-connected chimney breast being removed.
  • Excavating for new structures within three metres of an adjacent or common framework for a new extension.
  • constructing a foundation for a party wall in order to expand a cellar.

Whenever a job falls within the scope of the Act, a structure proprietor must serve notice and also obtain the permission of the affected adjoining owner; if that permission is not forthcoming, the parties are considered 'in dispute' under the Act and also surveyors must be assigned to resolve the dispute via a Party Wall Contract (technically called a 'Honor').

It's possible to recommend a Third Surveyor in Newport Pagnell, if the two designated surveyors can't come to an agreement on any of the contentious points.

It is our goal at Party Wall Solutions to ensure that everything runs well, which is why we have a team of 12 surveyors, assistant surveyors, and party wall managers in Newport Pagnell.

Whether you're planning a renovation or have received a notice recommending a specific type of work, we'd be happy to help you out.

Party Wall Studies & Provider In Newport Pagnell

Like all of our home inspections, our Party Wall Solutions Party Wall Studies are completed by RICS-registered surveyors who provide a completely unbiased and unbiased opinion on your home's potential.
An actual Party Wall is a wall that divides two separate residential or business properties, but the owners of both properties have joint ownership for the wall. You may rely on our Party Wall Surveyors' advice on a wide range of Party Wall issues relating to your house in Newport Pagnell.

Surveys of the party walls are called "party wall surveys."

A Party Wall Surveyor is commonly employed to assist in the creation and management of a Party Wall Honor or Contract under the Party Wall Act of 1996 in the case of residential properties sharing a Party Wall.

Both the building owner and the adjacent property owner can use Party Wall Solutions Surveyors in Newport Pagnell to assess the party wall's nature and position in relation to their respective buildings, and they can provide unbiased recommendations for any necessary architectural alterations or repair work that may be planned in the future in Newport Pagnell.

Do I Required A Party Wall Surveyor?

Our Surveyors' in Newport Pagnell advice may be required if you're contemplating any of the following:

  • The building of a new wall along the boundary between two properties
  • Cutting into a Party Wall (for example, elimination of a chimney bust or insertion of a steel supporting beam of light).
  • An existing Party Wall can be demolished or rebuilt.
  • Taking down or putting back up a border wall under a notice of junction..
  • A residential or commercial building's foundations are within 3-6 metres of any excavations being conducted.

Before beginning any work on a Party Wall, it is necessary to serve a Party Wall Notice.

As your party wall surveyors, why should you hire Party Wall Solutions in Newport Pagnell?

As your party wall surveyors, why should you hire Party Wall Solutions?
As RICS Surveyors, we handle a wide range of Party Wall issues on a regular basis for both the owners of the structures and those who share them.
Our specialised Party Wall Surveyors are members of the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors and the Pyramus & Thisbe Club, as we are a controlled company of Chartered Surveyors.
Prior to submitting Party Wall Notices, we always suggest that the owner of the building have an amicable and open relationship with their neighbour.

We are Experienced Party Wall Surveyors and Building Surveyors

That We Are

At the North Newport Pagnell office, we have experienced RICS Chartered Surveyors who are members of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, members of the Chartered Institute of Building, RICS Registered Valuers, and RICS Accredited Mediators. We also have additional offices in Central Newport Pagnell and Surrey..

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What We Do

Our Surveyors are experts in Residential Evaluating, which includes Party Wall Agreements, Property Valuations, Pre-Purchase Surveys, Residential Property Dispute Mediation, and Boundary Dispute Resolution. We have the expertise, certification, and availability to help you with your Evaluating concerns.

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How We Do It

When it comes to Party Wall Evaluating as well as Residential Checking, our team of Chartered Surveyors and Building Surveyors at Party Wall Solutions Surveyors excels. You may rest assured that you will be kept informed at every stage of the Surveying process thanks to our industry-leading client website.

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Is a contract for a party wall necessary for me?

A party wall notice or agreement (officially known as a "party wall honour") is required at what point in the construction process? If you're planning a construction project, you'll find everything you need here. If you're looking for a party wall surveyor, here's how to find one.

The answer to this question is: Whenever you need a party wall setup.

  • A party wall is a shared wall that divides the properties of two different owners, typically between a balcony and a semi-detached house.
  • Garden walls built across a boundary and excavations near a neighbour's home are also included in the project (within three or six meters, depending upon the depth of the brand-new foundations).
  • Party Wall Agreements are typically required for home construction projects such as loft space conversions, moist proof course installation, and new structure excavating (as would be called for in building an expansion).

Getting the go-ahead for joint wall construction projects.

  • The homeowner (Structure Proprietor) must first secure a Party Wall Agreement from all impacted neighbours before any party wall construction may begin (Adjoining Owners).
  • Alternatively, a surveyor must be appointed to draw out a Party Wall Award paperwork (the agreed document detailing exactly how the works should advance). You can use our free Party Wall Surveyor service to locate qualified local Party Wall Surveyors right away.
  • To begin, the homeowner must provide their neighbours a written notice of the planned party wall functions via a Party Wall Notice.

Offering a party wall notice.

A party wall surveyor can serve notice for a flat fee or for free if suitable customary procedures are used. It's common to attach a note of appreciation for the neighbour to fill and return.

Construction projects that affect a party wall or border require a two-month notice from the property owner. Excavation projects require a one-month notice.

Party Wall notices do not need pre-approval, and furthermore, the house owner has up to a year to begin work after notice is given.

Getting people to agree.

There are three conceivable outcomes for a neighbour's response to a notice served:

i) The neighbour signs a written agreement stating that the homeowner will fix any problems if they arise.

  • No Party Wall Award or surveyor is required in such straightforward situations.
  • In the event of any kind of splits, the owner should have agreed written notes with copies for both parties and take dated photographs of the party wall.
  • Or, a surveyor could be hired to do the analysis and develop a condition schedule in order to reduce the likelihood of future disagreements. Before the work begins, this must be done

ii) A Party Wall Award is required if the neighbour objects (or if they do not answer within 14 days, in which case they are considered to have objected).

Within ten days, both the home owner and the neighbour can appoint a single "Agreed Surveyor" who can operate as an unbiased arbitrator.
The agreed-upon surveyor should not be the same surveyor that the property owner employs for their own projects. Because if that's the case, their neighbour won't see the surveyor as impartial.
The "Award" is created by the agreed-upon surveyor and includes a description of the proposed repairs, as well as images of the neighbor's home and its current state.
Between 150.00 and 200.00 per hour, surveyors' hourly rates range, and a party wall award and surveyor costs around 1000.00.
Surveying is another skill set that some designers possess.

iii) Each owner selects his or her own surveyor. However, for the homeowner, who is responsible for both their neighbour's and their own surveyor's fees, this is a costly endeavour.

It's critical that all of the neighbour's options are clearly described in the notice.

It's important to have good relations with your neighbours.

  • In order to avoid intimidating your neighbour by posting a Party Wall notice in their letterbox, have a polite talk with them beforehand!
  • Popularity breeds goodwill and eases anxiety. It's a chance to show off illustrations and talk about the finished products. It's a good idea to mention that you'll receive an official notice in the future.
  • You should expect your neighbour to ask for the contact information of your surveyor and/or building company to gain more information and reassurance.

Errors that are frequently made.

  • i) failing to give enough notice of the event
  • ii) It's also possible that the affected neighbours were not informed of the situation. The freeholder and anyone with a leasehold interest lasting more than a year are included in this category. Residents of terraced homes may experience effects on both sides of the street, depending on where each person holds a job. In the case of a property owner who lives near apartments, they may need to notify a number of people. The Land Windows registry can be used to determine who owns a piece of real estate, whether it's residential or commercial.
  • iii)Insufficient information or inadequate definition of the proposed job responsibilities. Complete structural information must be included in notifications of excavations, for example.
  • iv) not using the standard, or incorrect kind of notice. The type of notice for digging deep into foundations is different from a party wall.
    One structure project might need more than one kind of notice offered on each affected neighbour.


  • If the party wall honour has been agreed upon, construction might begin in two months or even later.
  • One year as well as one day later: constructing works have to have begun.

Party walls and building work

Getting along with your next-door neighbours

The following options are available when you've actually informed your neighbour:

  • give consent in creating
  • refuse permission, which will begin the dispute resolution process
  • offer a counter notice asking for extra works be done at the same time (they'll have to pay for these if they gain from the works).

Whether or whether they agree to your notice, your neighbour must give you 14 days' notice in writing, and you must do the same with any counter-notice. Within a month of the initial notification, a counter notice must be provided.

The warning has been sent to your neighbours, and they must respond. It's not safe to assume that a person's silence is an indication that they're on board with your ideas.

Dispute resolution steps will undoubtedly be taken if they do not react to your notification within the time period specified in the notice you served on them.

That pays for the work.

You need to spend for any structure works that you begin on a party wall.

Your neighbour might have to satisfy a share of the price if the job requires to be done as a result of flaws or lack of repair work. They will likewise need to pay if they ask for added jobs to be done that will benefit them.

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