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Are you thinking of renovating your property or making alterations to a shared wall with your neighbour? The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 provides structure to ensure that the rights of both property owners are considered and protected. At Party Wall Solutions Wantage, we specialize in providing expert guidance and advice on party wall matters. Our team of experienced surveyors is equipped to handle all types of party wall issues and provide excellent solutions.

What is a party wall award?

A party wall award is a legal document that is prepared by a surveyor to resolve a dispute between two or more neighboring property owners regarding the construction or alteration of a shared wall. The award outlines the rights and responsibilities of each owner in regards to the construction work.

At Party Wall Solutions, we understand that dispute between neighbours can be frustrating and time-consuming. Our team of experienced and qualified surveyors is ready to help you navigate party wall awards.

What can a party wall award include?

A party wall award can include various elements to settle disputes and protect the rights of both parties. Here are some of the most common elements that a party wall award can include:

1. The scope of work

The first element of a party wall award is outlining the scope of work. This includes the exact details of the construction or alteration that is to be carried out. By specifying the details of the project, both parties can understand the extent of the work being carried out and what it entails.

2. The time frames

Time frames are another critical element in a party wall award. It outlines the period in which both parties need to carry out the construction work. Having a defined timeline helps to ensure that the project is completed within an agreed-upon timeframe, reducing the amount of inconveniences for both parties.

3. Access arrangements

Access arrangements are vital in ensuring that both parties have access to the shared wall and the work being carried out. This element outlines how the work will be carried out and how it will affect the adjoining property owner. By ensuring that the access arrangements are clearly detailed, it minimizes disruption to neighbours and promotes compliance with agreed upon arrangements.

4. Work procedures and schedule of condition

The procedures to be followed while carrying out the work is another key element that a party wall award can include. It ensures that both parties are in agreement with the methods and procedure of constructing the party wall, reducing conflicts and misunderstandings.

A schedule of condition can also be outlined in the award. The surveyor would prepare a detailed report of the condition of the wall before the construction work begins. This report may include details such as cracks, dents, or other damages.

5. Cost of work and damages

A party wall award can include details of the cost of construction or alteration and the cost of damages that may occur during the process. By outlining these costs, both parties can better prepare themselves financially and minimize future conflict about the cost of the work.

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