Party Wall Surveys & Services In Kenilworth

October 13, 2020

Party Wall Solutions Kenilworth

Party Wall Solutions Kenilworth  Surveyors are available  for anyone who requires their services. Our Chartered Surveyors have extensive experience with projects of all sorts, and they are integral to the party wall alterations approach. Hundreds of instances have been handled as a result of their significant experience as a neutral third party and mediator between the impacted property owners.

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What Is A Party Wall Survey?

Under the Party Wall Act of 1996, a Party Wall Surveyor is usually employed to aid with the preparation and management of a Party Wall Award or Agreement between properties that share a Party Wall.

Surveyors for Party Wall Solutions can be hired by either the Homeowner or the Neighbouring Owner to assess the condition of the Party Wall and its location in relation to the two properties in question, as well as to provide impartial advice to the Building Owner or the Adjacent Owner on any proposed structural alterations or repairs.

Party Wall Solutions can help

The procedure for  party walls can be frightening at times. It is frequently regarded as yet another challenge to conquer in the ever-expanding list of issues faced during the construction process. Party Wall Solutions Kenilworth's professional experience helps us to simplify this process to the best of our ability.

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