Party Wall Surveys & Services In Rawmarsh

March 12, 2021

Party Wall Solutions Rawmarsh

Party Wall Solutions Rawmarsh provides direction on the The Party Wall Act and can act as a surveyor for building owners, neighbors, and the appointed surveyor.

For customers who need building surveys, we are able to offer advice regarding the Party Wall Act of 1996, as well as border disputes and structural challenges. Because no two jobs are the same, we provide individualised service to each and every one of our customers. Because of this, we have been able to establish productive working relationships with a diverse group of customers all around the United Kingdom.

How Can Party Wall Solutions Assist You

Party Wall Solutions Rawmarsh is able to effectively manage party wall issues, thereby ensuring compliance with the Act and minimising delays.

We are able to determine whether or not the Act applies to your project and provide relationship-based working cost estimates. This service is provided regardless of whether or not the Act is in effect. The initial consultation is provided at no cost.

Please Call Us Today For Further Assistance

What Should I Do After I Have Received A Notice

Please get in touch with us within the next week so that we may discuss the most effective course of action and any issues you may have regarding the construction being done by your neighbours.

If you do not agree with the notification, then you are required by law to hire a surveyor. You have a limited amount of time to respond, and if you do not, the owner of the building may hire a surveyor to answer the questions on your behalf. Party Wall Solutions requests that you get in touch with them as soon as possible after receiving notification from your neighbour.

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