Party Wall Surveys & Services In Middlewich

February 11, 2021

Party Wall Solutions Middlewich

Party Wall Solutions Middlewich provides local building owners and nearby property owners with party wall surveying services that are both highly professional and highly productive. Because of our familiarity with and comprehension of the Party Wall Act, we are able to make decisions that are well-informed and timely, which ultimately leads to a procedure that is efficient, risk-free, and to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

What Services Do Party Wall Solutions Offer

The following are included in our party wall surveying services:
Notifying each party of the tasks that fall under their purview.
Developing and Distributing Vital Notices
Putting up announcements on the party walls
Notifying property owners adjacent to the subject property upon receipt of a Notice
Acquiring knowledge of the procedure and the terminology

What Is A Party Wall Survey?

In the case of residential properties that share a party wall, it is common practise to hire a Party Wall Surveyor to assist in the preparation work and management of a Party Wall Honor or Arrangement in accordance with the Party Wall Act of 1996. This law was passed in the United Kingdom.

Acting on behalf of either the Structure Owner or the Adjacent Owner, Party Wall Solutions Middlewhich Surveyors examine the nature of the Party Wall as well as its setting in relation to both private properties. They are also able to provide neutral suggestions to either party in consideration of any intended architectural adjustments or repairs that may be necessary.

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