Party Wall Surveys & Services In Teignmouth

September 19, 2020

Party Wall Solutions Teignmouth

Party Wall Solutions Teignmouth is happy to offer advice and assistance on party walls. They're always available. We have knowledge and experience in a range of party wall concerns and can help with residential extensions and commercial structures.

We can help with any work, big or small. If you have questions about party walls, please contact us.

How Do Party Wall Solutions Help Their Customers

Concerns regarding party walls can be rapidly resolved by Teignmouth Party Wall Solutions, which helps with Act compliance and lowers the amount of time spent waiting. We are able to provide cost estimates for a working style that is based on relationships and establish whether or not the Act applies to your project.

This service will be provided to you regardless of whether or not the Act applies to your situation. You deserve it. Consultations with customers are always provided at no cost.

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What Is A Party Wall Survey?

It is common practise for homeowners whose homes share a party wall to seek the assistance of a Party Wall Surveyor for the purpose of assisting in the development and administration of a Party Wall Award or Arrangement, which is required by the Party Wall Act of 1996. This is because the Party Wall Surveyor is responsible for assisting in the development and administration of a Party Wall Award or Arrangement. The Act mandates that this be carried out in compliance with its provisions.

Party Wall Solutions Teignmouth carries out an investigation into both the materials that make up the Party Wall and the positioning of the wall in respect to the particular buildings. In addition to this, they are in a position to offer either side objective counsel in relation to the structural alterations or repair work that may be required in the future.

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