Party Wall Surveys & Services In Sudbury

September 30, 2020

Party Wall Solutions Sudbury

Party Wall Solution customers can reach out to our Sudbury surveyors for assistance. Those who are interested should get in touch with the company. The contributions made by our Chartered Surveyors, who have a wealth of knowledge gained from working on projects of many types, are extremely important to the success of the party wall alterations approach.

They have successfully handled hundreds of cases as a result of their significant experience acting as a third party that is impartial and acts as a mediator between the affected property owners.

What Services Do We Offer

The ability of our Sudbury surveyors to promptly resolve party wall issues contributes to the Act's compliance and minimises the amount of time spent waiting. We are able to provide cost estimates for a working style that is based on relationships and establish whether or not the Act applies to your project.

This service will be provided to you regardless of whether or not the Act applies to the circumstances of your case. You deserve it. Consultations with customers are always provided at no cost.

Contact Party Wall Solutions Sudbury to speak to one of our expert surveyors today.

What Is The Party Wall Act

The 1996 Party Wall etc. Act prevents and resolves disputes over party walls, boundary barriers, and excavations. Britain passed the act. The Act applies to "party buildings" with partitioned walls or floors.

Building owners must provide neighbours advance notice of any Act-covered action. Excavating, removing chimneys, or constructing beams may require notice. Due to underground utility damage.

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