Party Wall Surveys & Services In St. Ives

November 22, 2020
St. Ives

Party Wall Solutions St Ives

Party Wall Solutions St Ives gives clients open, objective advice. We're Party Wall Surveyors who can help you through every step.

Whether you want to redevelop your land, extend your home, or convert your attic, the construction activity you do may affect the property border and the boundaries of adjoining properties or third-party constructions. This may need compliance with the 1996 Party Wall Act.

Party Wall Solutions Can Help

Party Wall Solutions is able to supply first instruction that is not only basic and simple to comprehend, but is also offered to the customer at no additional expense. As seasoned Party Wall Surveyors, we are in the unique position to guide you through the entirety of the Party Wall procedure and offer assistance to you at each stage of the process.

Please Contact Party Wall Solutions St Ives for more information on how we can help.

What Does The Act Cover

The Party Wall etc. Act of 1996 will, in the vast majority of instances, be applicable in the following circumstances:

-Work on a structure that is either directly on top of or immediately adjacent to an existing boundary.
-The execution of a variety of distinct construction projects on an existing party wall or party structure that separates properties.
-Excavation to a depth that has been predetermined and within distances that have been predetermined from the foundations of neighbouring properties.

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