Party Wall Surveys & Services In Ramsbottom

December 22, 2020

Party Wall Solutions Ramsbottom

Anyone who requires the assistance of a Party Wall Surveyor can reach out to Party Wall Solutions Ramsbottom for assistance. Our Chartered Surveyors have a wealth of experience working on projects of varying sizes, and they are an integral part of the party wall changes method. Hundreds of cases have been successfully resolved as a result of their extensive experience serving as a third party that is impartial and acts as a mediator between the affected property owners.

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Do I Need A Party Wall Surveyor

The Party Wall Act covers any activity that could affect both sides of a boundary wall between two properties, such as destroying or rebuilding the wall or cutting into it to insert a beam. You must get the other co-approval owner's before starting any work that may harm them. All impacted property owners are notified in writing. Notification must be given two months before work begins.

If a neighbour doesn't respond after 14 days, it's assumed they object to the work. The Party Wall Act requires a minimum of one surveyor if a dispute arises over proposed work. Both parties can choose a single unbiased surveyor, or each can choose its own.

Party Wall Solutions Ramsbottom can help with these instances. Please call to talk with a surveyor.

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