Party Wall Surveys & Services In Potters Bar

January 28, 2021
Potters bar

Party Wall Solutions Potters Bar

Party Wall Solutions Potters Bar is available to assist anyone who requires the aid of a Party Wall Surveyor. Interested parties should contact the company. Our Chartered Surveyors have a plethora of experience working on projects of all kinds, and the party wall changes strategy relies heavily on their contributions. As a result of their significant experience acting as a third party that is impartial and acts as a mediator between the affected property owners, they have successfully handled hundreds of cases, which has enabled them to act as a successful mediator.

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What Is The Party Wall Act

The Party Wall etc Act 1996 was designed to avoid and address party wall, boundary wall, and excavation problems. The Act applies to "party buildings" such walls or floors separating residences or apartments.

A building owner who plans Act-covered work must notify neighbours. Excavation, chimney removal, and beam construction may require notice.

What Services Do We Offer

Party Wall Solutions Potters Bar's ability to manage party wall issues quickly contributes to Act compliance and reduces waiting time. We can estimate costs for a relationship-based working style and determine if the Act applies to your project.

You'll get this service whether or whether not the Act applies to your case. You deserve it. Customer consultations are always free.

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