Can I build a shed against my Neighbours Fence?-

October 18, 2022
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How far should your backyard shed be from your neighbour’s fence? City zoning prohibits sheds along property lines. To satisfy your council, you must know the minimum shed-to-fence distance before building.

Sheds must be 5 feet from side and rear property lines and 20 feet from street property lines in most areas. This generally applies to tiny sheds of 120 square feet or less and 10 feet high, or less.

 You never know when you will need extra space for storing goods. Sheds are also being made into man caves, woman sheds, and even office space these days! There’s a lot of things you can do with that extra room.

Despite their simplicity, shed placement is hard. Should you build it under a tree? Is it near the main house? Build near a fence? Near a neighbour’s fence? Where is the right area to put your garden shed? Shed placements can be very problematic.

Can I Build A Shed Next To My Neighbour’s Fence?

Garden sheds are "permitted development". These buildings need no permit. You can legally put your shed anywhere on your property. UK outbuilding restrictions:

The building should be 2.5m from the dwelling.

2.5m max.

Cannot exceed 50% yard space.

If you follow the following, you can build a shed adjacent to your neighbour’s fence. Local authorities may require planning approval for larger or unique builds.

You can build a shed near a fence if you measure correctly (for allowed development) or get a permit (for larger ideas) (for larger plans). If you build without permission or letting your neighbour now, your neighbour-relationship may suffer.

Besides privacy problems and the possible blockage of view, one of the biggest worries in building a shed close to a fence is property damage. A shed too close to a fence may generate a moist layer. This is when the shed cannot breathe or humidity is persistent.

Local Planning Department Assistance

Verifying construction plans with the Local Planning Department is safe. This ensures you build on your property and follow local building codes. Even though it's hard and time-consuming, its best to do this early. Your shed or other outbuilding work will be lost if your construction design is unsafe or illegal.

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