Can a Neighbour refuse gain access to for scaffolding?

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Can Your Neighbor Refuse Scaffolding Access? Know Your Rights | Party Wall Solutions

As a property owner, you may occasionally need to carry out maintenance or renovation work that requires scaffolding. However, if your property shares a wall with your neighbor’s property, accessing their side of the wall may be necessary. This is where issues can arise if your neighbor refuses to grant access for scaffolding. In this article, we’ll explore the legal aspects of scaffolding access and provide some guidance on what you can do if your neighbor refuses.

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Understanding the Legal Requirements

If you need to access your neighbor’s property to carry out work, you must comply with the relevant laws and regulations. In the UK, the Act 1996 governs the rights and obligations of property owners in relation to shared walls and structures. Under the Act, you are required to give your neighbour notice of any proposed work that may affect the party wall. If the work involves the erection of scaffolding on your neighbour’s land, you must also obtain their permission to access their property. private right of way dispute

Can Your Neighbor Refuse Access?

Technically, your neighbor has the right to refuse access for scaffolding. However, they cannot unreasonably withhold their consent. If their refusal is unreasonable, you may be able to take legal action to force them to grant access. The courts will consider various factors when deciding whether a refusal is reasonable, including the nature and extent of the work, the impact on your neighbor’s property, and the potential inconvenience caused.

Options for Resolving Disputes

If your neighbor refuses to grant access for scaffolding, there are several options for resolving the dispute. The first step is to try and negotiate a solution directly with your neighbor. If this fails, you may wish to engage a party wall surveyor to mediate the dispute. A surveyor can provide an impartial assessment of the situation and suggest ways to help sort the issue. If this fails, you may have to take legal action to force your neighbor to grant access.

Advantages of Access for Scaffolding

If you’re wondering why it’s so important to gain access for scaffolding, here are some of the advantages:

Safer working conditions for builders and contractors

Quicker and more efficient completion of work

Reduced risk of damage to your property and your neighbor’s property

Better quality workmanship due to improved access

Gaining access for scaffolding on your neighbor’s property can be a tricky issue to navigate. However, by understanding your legal rights and options, you can approach the situation with confidence. Remember, it’s always best to try and negotiate a solution with your neighbor first. If this fails, seek advice from a surveyor or legal professional to explore your options further. Contact Party Wall Solutions for expert advice and assistance with all matters.


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