Party Wall Surveys & Services In Thame

December 25, 2020

Party Wall Solutions Thame

Anyone who requires the assistance of a Party Wall Surveyor can contact Thame for assistance with party wall solutions. Our Chartered Surveyors have extensive expertise working on projects of varying sizes, and they play an important part in the party wall renovations that are currently underway.

Hundreds of cases have been successfully handled as a result of their significant experience serving as a third party that is impartial and acts as a mediator between the affected property owners.

Do I Need A Party Wall Survey?

The Party Wall Act applies to any activity that could affect both sides of a boundary wall that separates two properties, such as demolishing or rebuilding the wall, treating it for damp, or cutting into it to install a beam. Other examples of activities that fall under the purview of the Act include treating it for damp and treating it to prevent subsidence. You are required to acquire the other co-approval owner's before beginning any work that has the potential to have an effect on them.

This is accomplished by sending a written notification to the owners of all of the properties that are going to be affected. At the very least, the notification needs to be delivered at least two months before the work is scheduled to begin.

Contact Party Walls Solutions Thame today for more information on how the Party Wall Act affects you

If the neighbour does not provide a written answer within the allotted amount of time (14 days) after getting the notification, it is presumed that they do not approve of the work that will be done on their property. Whenever there is a disagreement on the intended work, a minimum of one surveyor is required to be appointed in order to satisfy the requirements of the Party Wall Act.

Either one or both of the parties could choose to have a single surveyor who will represent them both in an unbiased manner as their representative, or each party could choose its own surveyor.

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