Party Wall Surveys & Services In Tavistock

June 15, 2021

Party Wall Solutions Tavistock

When it comes to party walls, the experts at Party Wall solutions Tavistock are more than pleased to provide guidance and assistance at any time. They can be reached at any time. We have knowledge and experience in a wide variety of party wall issues, and we are able to assist you with a number of projects, ranging from little residential additions to massive commercial structures.

Our expertise and understanding are as follows: We are available to assist you with any job that you may have, regardless of how large or small it may be. In the event that you have any questions concerning party walls, please do not be reluctant to get in contact with us at any moment.

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What Is A Party Wall Survey?

It is common practise for homeowners whose homes share a party wall to seek the assistance of a Party Wall Surveyor for the purpose of assisting in the development and administration of a Party Wall Award or Arrangement, as required by the Party Wall Act of 1996. This is done in accordance with the requirements of the Act.

Party Wall Solutions Tavistock conducts an analysis of both the composition of the Party Wall and the location of the wall in relation to each of the individual buildings. In addition to this, they are able to provide either party with objective guidance in regard to the prepared structural adjustments or repair work that may be required.

How Do Party Wall Solutions Help Their Customers

Tavistock Party Wall Solutions can resolve party wall concerns quickly, which helps with Act compliance and reduces waiting time. We can estimate costs for a relationship-based working style and determine if the Act applies to your project.

You'll get this service whether or whether the Act applies to your case. You deserve it. Customer consultations are always free.

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