Party Wall Surveys & Services In Reigate

January 21, 2021

Party Wall Solutions Reigate

Party Walls Solutions Reigate is delighted to provide party wall advise and is ready and willing to do so for any potential issues that may occur. Because of our expertise and extensive experience in resolving a wide variety of party wall challenges, we are in a position to provide you assistance with a wide range of projects.

These obstacles can come in the form of anything from modest residential additions to massive commercial developments. Our range of capabilities encompasses every project, including the construction of a party wall.

The Party Wall Act 1996

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 was created to avoid and settle conflicts over party walls, boundary barriers, and excavation near neighbouring structures. This law prevents and resolves conflicts over party walls, boundary walls, and excavation near neighbouring structures.

This law aims to avoid legal problems and resolve current ones quickly. The Act also controls "party structures" such as walls or floors separating residences or apartments.

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How Party Wall Solutions Can Help

Party Wall Solutions is able to proficiently manage party wall issues, so minimising delays and ensuring full compliance with the Act. We are able to provide advise that is unbiased, in addition to establishing whether or not the Act applies to your project. This service is provided without consideration to whether or not the Act is applicable in the given circumstances. We at Party Wall Solutions Reigate are available to assist you with any issues that arise in connection with party walls.

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