Party Wall Surveys & Services In Gainsborough

January 1, 2021

Party Wall Solutions Gainsborough

Party Wall Solutions Gainsborough can offer professional party wall advice for any party wall-related issues. We have expertise and experience in a number of party wall issues, and we can assist you with a wide range of projects, from tiny residential extensions to large-scale commercial expansions.

Party Wall Solutions Gainsborough can help with all of your party wall issues - Call now

How Party Wall Solutions helps:

You are obliged to seek a planning permission if you are the building's owner and carrying out construction work.

  • You can request that we provide party wall notices.
  • We can discuss and prepare an award for the party wall (sometimes also referred to as a party wall agreement).
  • We may produce a list of the state of adjacent properties to ensure that you are not held liable for any pre-existing faults.
  • We can assist you in accurately assessing if the Party Wall etc. Act applies to adjoining properties.

If your neighbour is building a new home or business, you may be affected as an adjacent property owner.

  • We can address any queries you may have about your protections under the Party Wall etc. Act.
  • You should take every care to safeguard your property.
  • Be sure to monitor the work to prevent any damage to your property.

Party Wall Solutions Gainsborough are able to assist you with all of your party wall issues.

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