Party Wall Surveys & Services In Camborne

July 27, 2021

Party Wall Solutions Camborne

Any problems you're having with a party wall can be solved with the help of Party Wall Solutions. Any project, from a modest home addition to a massive commercial development, can benefit from our expertise and experience with party wall issues.

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The Party Wall Act

Disputes regarding party walls, boundary walls, and excavations close to neighbouring structures are specifically addressed in the Party Wall etc Act 1996, a piece of legislation enacted by the government to prevent and settle such disputes. The Act also covers what it calls "party structures," such as a shared wall or floor between two dwellings.

A building owner who plans to commence Act-covered work must follow the Act's stated procedure for notifying nearby property owners. There may be a need to give advance notice before excavating the foundation, removing the chimney breast, or putting in steel beams.

Party Wall Solutions can help

Party Wall Solutions Camborne expertly handles party wall matters to guarantee statutory compliance and minimise delays. We can determine whether or not the Act applies to your project and provide cost estimates for a relationship-based approach to your work. It never costs anything to reach out or start a conversation.

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