Party Wall Surveys & Services In Beaconsfield

March 23, 2021

Party Wall Solutions Beaconsfield

Party Wall Solutions' approach to the Party Wall etc. Act 1996, is distinctive, modern, and efficient. 
We take a solution-oriented approach to all party wall issues and can provide guidance on all construction projects, including additions, loft conversions, and new commercial or residential constructions.

Party Wall Solutions Beaconsfield

Party Wall Solutions have a number of experienced surveyors ready to help.

We Will:

  • Determine if your project is subject to the requirements of the Act.
  • Offer clear guidance and a flat rate for assuring your compliance with the Act's requirements.
  • Comply with the Act and avoid project delays by employing technology and effective procedures.

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The Party Wall Act

The Party Wall, etc. Act 1996 was enacted in the United Kingdom to help avoid, lessen, and solve disputes over shared barriers between neighbours. When relevant, this law must be considered alongside standard planning approval processes. Consider the legislation governing party walls before making any changes to, additions to, or replacements of an existing structure. To do otherwise might lead to drawn-out (and costly) court proceedings.

When a Party Wall Dispute arises, both parties must hire independent surveyors to assess the scope of permitted activity on the party wall. Employing two surveyors to mediate the party wall disagreement is an option if you and your neighbour can't decide on a single expert

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