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Can an engineer work as a party wall surveyor?- Updated 2021

Are you an engineer considering a career as a party wall surveyor? Or perhaps you’re a property owner in need of a party wall surveyor and wondering if an engineer would be a good fit? In this article, we’ll explore whether engineers can work as party wall surveyors and why Party Wall Solutions is the best choice for your party wall needs. Party Wall Act Section 6

What is a Party Wall Surveyor?

Before we dive into the topic, let’s define what a party wall surveyor is. A party wall surveyor is a professional who specializes in resolving disputes between neighbors regarding shared walls, fences, or boundaries. They ensure that any work carried out on a party wall is done in accordance with the Party Wall etc. Act 1996, which is a law that governs party wall disputes in England and Wales.

Can Engineers Work as Party Wall Surveyors?

The short answer is yes, engineers can work as party wall surveyors. In fact, many party wall surveyors have an engineering background, which can be beneficial in understanding the structural implications of any proposed work on a party wall.

However, it’s important to note that being an engineer alone does not qualify someone to act as a party wall surveyor. A party wall surveyor must have a thorough understanding of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 and the relevant case law, as well as excellent communication and negotiation skills. They must also be able to remain impartial and fair when resolving disputes between neighbors.

Why Choose Party Wall Solutions?

If you’re in need of a party wall surveyor, you want to choose a company that has the necessary expertise and experience to handle your case. Here are some reasons why Party Wall Solutions is the best choice:

Qualified Party Wall Surveyors – All of our surveyors are members of the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors and have extensive experience in party wall matters.

Competitive Pricing – We offer competitive pricing and will provide you with a free quote before any work is carried out.

Personalized Service – We provide a personalized service to ensure that your specific needs are met.

Comprehensive Reports – We provide detailed reports that are easy to understand, outlining the proposed work and any potential implications for your property.

Conflict Resolution – Our surveyors have excellent negotiation skills and can help to resolve any disputes between neighbors in a fair and impartial manner.

Engineers can work as party wall surveyors, but it’s important to choose a company that has the necessary qualifications and experience to handle your case. Party Wall Solutions has a team of qualified surveyors who can provide you with a personalized service and comprehensive reports at competitive prices. Contact us today for a free quote and let us help you with your party wall needs. Call Party Wall Solutions today.


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