Party Wall Surveys & Services In Whitburn

March 7, 2021

Party Wall Solutions Whitburn

Party Wall Solutions Whitburn are ready to assist. Our Chartered Surveyors have extensive expertise working on projects of varying sizes, and they play an important part in the party wall renovations that are currently underway. Hundreds of cases have been successfully handled as a result of their significant experience serving as a third party that is impartial and acts as a mediator between the affected property owners.

Contact Party Walls Solutions Whitburn today for more information on how the Party Wall Act affects you

Do I Need A Party Wall Survey?

The Party Wall Act applies to any work that could affect both sides of a boundary wall between two properties, such as dismantling or rebuilding the wall or installing a beam. You must get the other co-approval owner's before starting any work that may harm them. All impacted property owners are notified in writing. Notification must be given two months before work begins.

If the neighbour does not respond to the notice within 14 days, they are assumed to object to the work. The Party Wall Act requires a minimum of one surveyor if a dispute arises over proposed work. Both parties can choose a single unbiased surveyor, or each can choose its own.

Whitburn Party Wall Solutions can do the above. Please call to talk with a surveyor.

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