Party Wall Surveys & Services In Tilbury

September 24, 2020

Party Wall Solutions Tilbury

Party Wall Solutions Tilbury is ready to provide assistance in any situation that may arise and is prepared to do so regardless of the specifics. Regarding the subject of party barriers, Tilbury is ready to provide support in the form of advise to any parties who have an interest in learning more about this subject. We are able to assist you with a variety of projects because we have experience and insight in a wide range of party wall issues.

I Was Given A Party Wall Notice, What Should I Do

We would appreciate it if you could get in touch with us within the next week so that we can explore the best possible course of action and address any issues that you may have regarding the construction that is being done by your neighbours.

If you do not agree with the notification, the Party Wall Act stipulates that you must consult with a surveyor in order to remain in compliance with the law. Should you fail to respond within the specified period, the owner of the building reserves the right to employ a surveyor to do it.

Please Contact Party Wall Solutions Tilbury Today And Speak To One Of Our Surveyors

Why Should I Choose Party Wall Solutions

RICS Surveyors are often asked about party walls. We manage these issues for building owners and neighbours. Depending on the situation, these issues may be complex.

As the structure's owner, you should develop a friendly, open relationship with your neighbour before delivering Party Wall Notices. You must make sure the construction doesn't damage the party wall. You must maintain the party wall appropriately. Party Wall Notices are a legal requirement in the UK.

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