Party Wall Surveys & Services In Sheerness

February 4, 2021

Party Wall Solutions Sheerness

Developers and ordinary homeowners alike can take use of Sheerness's extensive party wall services.

Party Wall Solutions offers knowledgeable and efficient party wall surveys to the building owners as well as the adjacent building owners. Because of our familiarity with the Party Wall Act, we are in a position to make decisions that are impartial, professional, and on time. This has led to a strategy that is effective, equitable, and to the satisfaction of all involved parties.

When Is A Party Wall Required?

In layman's words, the Act is applicable, and a Party Wall Award may be required in any one of the following three situations: These include the following:

-You need the permission of your neighbour in order to build on the boundary line that separates your property and theirs.
- If you and your neighbour need to make repairs to a wall that you share,
- When erecting within three or six metres of a property belonging to a neighbour.

Contact Party Wall Solutions Sheerness for assistance with all of your Party Wall concerns

How Party Wall Solutions Can Help

Party Wall Solutions Sheerness is able to easily manage party wall concerns, which adds to both Act compliance and a reduction in delays. This is because of the company's efficient management of party wall concerns. In light of this fact, Party Wall Solutions Sheerness is an excellent option.

In addition to conducting an examination of the Act's relevance to your project, we are able to provide you with cost estimates for a working style that is centred on building relationships. This service will continue to be provided to you regardless of whether or not the Act is applicable to your situation.

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