Party Wall Surveys & Services In Selby

November 10, 2020

Party Wall Solutions Selby

Party Wall Solutions Selby has the ability to offer guidance that is both objective and impartial. We are knowledgeable Party Wall Surveyors who are able to assist you in navigating the Party Wall procedure.

It is highly likely that the construction activities you undertake, whether it be the expansion of your home, the conversion of your attic, or the reconstruction of your land, will have an effect on the property line, the property lines of your neighbours, or other structures owned by third parties. As a result, it is possible that compliance with the Party Wall etc. Act of 1996 will be necessary.

Party Wall Solutions Selby Can Help

Party Wall Solutions Selby is able to provide guidance that is both honest and objective. We are experienced Party Wall Surveyors who are able to lead you through the Party Wall process step by step.

Please get in touch with us if you are thinking about starting a construction project or if you have recently been served with a Party Wall Notice so that we may provide you with support that is kind and free of any obligations.

Party Wall Solutions Selby can help with all of your Party Wall concerns -Contact us today for assistance

The Party Wall Act 1996

The Act protects both the owner of the building that is planning the work and the owner of the property that is adjacent to it by regulating the manner in which particular building work is to be carried out on or near the boundary of two or more properties.

The Act provides a framework for mediating disagreements between the property owner of a building that is requesting alterations and the property owner of properties that are adjacent to it.

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