Party Wall Surveys & Services In Seaford

January 15, 2021

Party Wall Solutions Seaford

When you choose Party Wall Solutions Seaford as your party wall surveyors, you can be certain that we will adhere to all of the rules outlined in the Party Wall etc. Act 1996. We are experts in providing advice and resolving issues in a manner that is consistent with the Act, and we have extensive expertise in the industry.

Party Wall Solutions Seaford Can Help

-Modifications made to party walls
-A wall or other structure that was recently built along the boundary.
-The digging of holes along property lines that are adjacent to or very close to those of neighbouring properties.

Contact Party Wall Solutions Seaford to speak to one of our expert surveyors today.

The Act applies to both residential and commercial properties, both of which are typically ignored by property owners who intend to extend or modify their property; as a result, it is essential to seek the counsel of a specialist before beginning work on the property in question.

The Act mandates the prior notification of adjacent property owners and obtainment of their permission before carrying out any important work. This ensures that the work can be carried out without interruption.

In the event that a disagreement arises between you and a neighbour, a Party Wall Award will be presented to both of you. The award is accompanied by a Schedule of Conditions, which provides information regarding the pre-development nature of the land that is adjacent.

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