Party Wall Surveys & Services In Sandhurst

December 14, 2020
Party Wall Surveys & Services In Sandhurst


For over 20 years, have been trusted as renowned Party Wall specialists to deliver projects and secure people's homes.


New boundary walls and excavation near neighbouring properties are permitted by the Party Wall etc. Act 1996.

The following occupations are most likely to be covered by the Act:

  • Light beams are reduced into a party wall as part of a loft renovation.
  • Getting rid of the smokeshaft that were attached to the party wall
  • Construction of new foundations for an addition within three metres of an existing or shared structure
  • A party wall must be demolished in order to expand the basement.

After serving notice and seeking permission from an adjacent owner, a building owner is said to be in "conflict" under the Act and surveyors must be chosen by the parties to resolve their differences through a Party Wall Contract (known as a "Honor").

A Third Property surveyor in Sandhurst may be called in to resolve disagreements between two appointed surveyors.

To keep things running well at Party Wall Solutions Sandhurst we have a staff of 12 surveyors, assistants, and administrators.

Contact us if you have received a notice regarding a construction project that may affect your property, or if you're planning on doing any work that falls under the Act.

Party Wall Studies & Provider In Sandhurst

Alternatives to a Divided Room RICS-registered surveyors conduct Party Wall Studies, which offer an unbiased solution.
Owners of two separate residences are jointly responsible for maintaining a Party Wall. If you're having problems with your party walls in your home, call one of our Party Wall Surveyors.

Survey of Party Wall?

It is common for a Party Wall Surveyor Sandhurst to be engaged when two or more buildings are located next to them other and they share a Party Wall.

Both the building owner and the adjacent property owner can use Party Wall Solutions Surveyors in Sandhurst to examine the Party Wall and its location in relation to both properties in order to get unbiased advice on upcoming architectural renovations or repair services.

Do I Required A Party Wall Surveyor?

If you're thinking about doing any of the following with your party wall:

  • Building a new property boundary fence.
  • This word is most commonly used to refer to "Party Wall (as an example, elimination of a chimney breast or insertion of a steel supporting light beam).
  • Demolition or restoration of a party wall.
  • Notice of the Line of Joint Restriction prohibits the demolition or restoration of walls.
  • The foundation of a neighbour's house is within 3-6 metres of an excavation.

To begin work on a Party Wall, a Party Wall Notice must be obtained.

What Are The Advantages Of Working With Party Wall Solutions?

Party Wall concerns are handled by RICS Surveyors, who are objective and independent.
Our surveyors are members of the Pyramus & Thisbe Club and the Professors of Party Wall Surveyors.
Before delivering Party Wall Notices, we advise building owners to maintain an amicable, open relationship with their next-door neighbours..

We are Experienced Party Wall Surveyors and Building Surveyors

Who We Are

We are surveyors of the party wall and the structure.
In addition, we have RICS Chartered Surveyors, RICS Registered Valuers and RICS Accredited Mediators on our staff. Chartered Institute of Arbitrators

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What We Do

Pre-purchase and post-purchase surveys, as well as boundary dispute arbitration and arbitration of boundary disputes are among the services we provide. We can assist you with Checking because we have extensive knowledge and expertise in the field.

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Exactly how We Do It

Professionals in Party Wall Evaluating and Residential Surveying are employed by us. You'll stay up to know on Evaluating with our first-of-its-kind consumer site.

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When is it necessary to post a notice on the party wall or get into a contract with the other party? You'll find all you need to know about obtaining building permits in our guide. If necessary, use the services of a party wall surveyor in Sandhurst.

When is it a good time to get an agreement?

  • If you're looking for a way to connect two homes, a party wall is what you're looking for.
  • Excavations and barrier walls are part of the project (within three or six meters, depending upon the deepness of the new structures).
  • Loft conversions, damp-proofing courses, and digging new foundations all necessitate Party Wall Agreements in the residence (as would certainly be required in developing an expansion).

Consent to the construction of a party wall building works.

  • All impacted neighbours must sign a Party Wall Agreement before any work can commence on a party wall structure (Adjacent Proprietors).
  • A surveyor's Party Wall Honor must be prepared (the agreed paper describing just how the jobs ought to proceed). A free Party Wall Surveyor service may help you locate licenced, bonded, and insured surveyors in your area.
  • To begin, the homeowner must notify their neighbours in writing of their plans for construction.

Serving a party wall notice.

Free notice can be served using conventional forms or a surveyor in Sandhurst. A thank-you note to the neighbour is usually provided.

It is required that a homeowner give two months' notice for any structural changes that affect a party wall or boundary, or one month for excavations.

The homeowner has a year after receiving a Party Wall notice to begin work.

Getting acceptance.

Notice is given to a neighbour, who has 14 days to respond, after which there are three possible outcomes:

i)The next-door neighbour signs off on the homeowner's promise to correct issues.

  • There is no need for a party wall surveyor or a Party Wall Award in uncomplicated circumstances.
  • The party wall should be photographed, and any cracks or damage should be documented.
  • Alternatively, a surveyor could examine and compile a condition schedule in order to avoid future disagreements. This should be done before you begin.

ii) A Party Wall Honor is required if the neighbour does not approve (or does not respond after 14 days, they are presumed to disapprove).

An independent surveyor can be agreed upon within 10 days by the homeowner and his or her neighbours in this situation.

There must be a third-party surveyor, one who is not affiliated with the homeowner. Otherwise, their neighbour will have a biased impression of the surveyor in Sandhurst.

Work plans and photos of the neighbour's home are included in a "Award" created by an agreed-upon surveyor.

Between 150.00 and 200.00 per hour, surveyors charge for their services, and party wall awards might cost up to 1000.00.

iii) A surveyor is assigned to each owner. Homeowners are responsible for both their own surveyor and the one hired by the next-door neighbour.

The notice must detail each and every alternative available to the neighbour in Sandhurst.

Maintaining harmonious relationships with one's immediate neighbours.

  • Before putting up a Party Wall sign, have a friendly conversation with your neighbour.
  • Having a cup of tea is a terrific way to bring people together and ease their anxieties. It's a chance to talk about upcoming initiatives. An official announcement should be made at a later date.
  • In order to get more specifics and confidence, your neighbour may ask for your surveyor and/or builder's contact information.

Usual errors.

  • i) not giving appropriate notice.
  • ii)Neighbours aren't being educated. Owners and long-term tenants are included in this category. Residents of terraced houses may be affected by the jobs of their neighbours. Multiple people could be served with notice by a homeowner who owns multiple apartments. The Land Registry records who owns a piece of land.
  • iii) The proposed work is not sufficiently defined. Excavation notices must include precise structural information about the site.
  • iv) If the requirement is not used correctly or notification is given incorrectly, then this is Excavation notices are different from the party wall. Many neighbours may need to be notified about a single construction project.


  • Construction can begin if the party wall award is authorised in the next two months.
  • Construction was supposed to begin a year later.

Party walls and also structure work

A friendly agreement among neighbours

You can do the following after informing a neighbour:

  • give permission in creating
  • Refusing to provide your consent starts the process of resolving a disagreement.
  • Request additional work (they'll have to pay if they profit) by serving a counter notice.

You and your neighbour are both required to react to your notices within two weeks after receipt. The first notice must be rebutted within a month of receipt.

Notify your neighbours. Silence does not imply agreement.

As soon as they fail to answer, the dispute settlement procedure is triggered.

That pays for the job.

The construction of a party wall is not cheap.

Depending on the state of your neighbour's property, they may be forced to foot the bill for any necessary repairs. If they want more work done, they'll have to pay.

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