Party Wall Surveys & Services In Sandbach

February 16, 2021
Party Wall Surveys & Services In Sandbach


For over 20 years, have been trusted as renowned Party Wall specialists to deliver projects and secure people's homes.


Alterations to party structures (often walls but also floors), new boundary walls, and excavation close to neighbouring homes are all included in the scope of the Party Wall Act of 1996.

Some typical examples of work that may fall within the Act's protections include the following:

  • As part of a loft renovation, a hole will be cut in the party wall, letting light in.
  • Detaching chimney breasts from a shared wall
  • New construction within three metres of an existing building or shared wall is investigated.
  • Party wall underpinning for basement enlargement

Where work is covered by the Act, the building owner must give notice and get permission from the damaged adjoining owner; if permission is not given, the parties are considered to be "in dispute" under the Act, and surveyors must be appointed to resolve the dispute through a Party Wall Agreement (technically called a "Award").

If the two surveyors can't settle their differences over any of the contested points, they can submit the case to a neutral third party.

We at Party Wall Solutions in Sandbach employ a full complement of twelve professionals, including expert surveyors, assistants, and managers, to make sure that your project goes off without a hitch.

Our network of Sandbach offices serves the entire inner M25 area, so if you're planning any kind of project work that falls within the scope of the Act, or if you've received a notice informing you of suggested projects that may affect your property, you're more than welcome to get in touch with us for advice.

Party Wall Studies & Provider In Sandbach

Our Party Wall Studies in Sandbach, like all of our other construction Surveyors who are members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) carry out Party Wall Surveys, and they do it impartially and independently.
When two or more property owners agree to share responsibility for a dividing wall between their properties, the wall is called a "Party Wall." Our Party Wall Surveyors in Sandbach have the training and experience to advise you on a wide range of Party Wall concerns related to your home.

Exactly what does it mean when someone does a "Party Wall Survey?"

A Party Wall Surveyor is a professional who is hired to assist in the preparation and management of a Party Wall Award or Contract in accordance with the Party Wall Act of 1996, which applies in cases where two or more buildings share a Party Wall.

Party Wall Solutions Surveyors in Sandbach, working for either the Building Owner or the Next-Door Neighbour, evaluate the Party Wall's composition and its location in relation to the two properties, and they can also provide unbiased advice to either homeowner regarding any proposed alterations to the building or repairs that may be necessary.

Is A Surveyor Required For A Party Wall?

If you're contemplating any of the following, you might benefit from the advice of our Party Wall Surveyors:

  • The erection of a new wall at the boundary between two structures.
  • Dismantling a Party Wall (as an example, elimination of a chimney bust or insertion of a steel supporting light beam).
  • Dismantling or fixing up an existing party wall.
  • Line of Joint Notice demolition and reconstruction of a border wall.
  • Efforts to dig within three to six metres of an adjacent structure's footings.

Any work done in close proximity to a Party Wall requires prior Party Wall Notices.

Why Should You Choose Party Wall Solutions As Your Party Wall Surveyors?

We regularly assist building owners and adjoining property owners with Party Wall issues of varying complexity as independent and unbiased RICS Surveyors.
Our regulated firm of Chartered Surveyors employs Party Wall Surveyors who are active participants in the profession by virtue of their membership in the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors and the Pyramus & Thisbe Club.
As the building owner, you should always keep an open line of communication with your neighbour before distributing Party Wall Notices.

We are Experienced Party Wall Surveyors and Building Surveyors

That We Are

Experienced Chartered Surveyors, Members of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Members of the Chartered Institute of Structure, Registered Valuers, and Accredited Mediators work out of our North Sandbach headquarters and additional offices in Central Sandbach and Surrey.

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What We Do

Our residential surveyors have extensive experience with a wide range of services, including but not limited to: property valuations; pre-purchase investigations; residential or commercial property dispute arbitration; and boundary disputes. To resolve any problems you may be having with Surveying, you can rely on us as we have the necessary expertise and experience.

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Exactly how We Do It

Our Chartered Surveyors and Building Surveyors are not only qualified, but also well-versed in Party Wall Evaluating and Residential Surveying, making them an asset to Party Wall Solutions Surveyors. You may rest assured that you will be kept up to date during the entirety of the Evaluating process thanks to our state-of-the-art client portal.

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Is a Party Wall Agreement Necessary?

When is a party wall award (also known as a party wall notification) or agreement required? Our manual provides the solutions you need to get the required permissions to carry out your building projects. Moreover, where to go for a party wall surveyor specifically, should you find yourself in need of one?

When do I need a contract for a party wall?

  • The shared wall between two independent homeowners; typically found in a semi-detached or balcony configuration.
  • Yard walls constructed beyond the permitted height and excavations close to a neighbour's property also fall under this category (within three or 6 meters, depending on the deepness of the new structures).
  • Loft conversions, installing moisture-proof courses, and digging new buildings are all examples of common construction projects in residential areas that necessitate Party Wall Agreements (as would certainly be needed in developing an extension).

The process of obtaining permission for construction projects involving party walls.

  • The owner of a structure (the Structure Proprietor) will need a written Party Wall Agreement from all adjacent property owners in Sandbach before any work can begin on a party wall (Adjacent Owners).
  • Alternatively, a surveyor must be hired to draught a Party Wall Award (the agreed file detailing how the works ought to proceed). Get in touch with licenced neighbourhood Party Wall Surveyors in Sandbach right now with help from our no-cost Party Wall Surveyor service.
  • A Party Wall Notice must be given to adjacent property owners in writing by the homeowner before any work may begin on the shared wall.

Serving a party wall notice in Sandbach.

When proper basic forms are used, serving notice is free of charge; however, hiring a party wall surveyor to conduct it for you will cost you a set amount. A letter of thanks to the neighbour to finish and return is also included.

When a property owner is planning to excavate on their land or perform any work that could affect a party wall or boundary, they are required to give at least one month's notice.

It is not necessary to get permission to serve a Party Wall notice, and once served, the homeowner has up to a year to begin construction.

Acquiring acceptance.

A neighbour has fourteen days from the date of service to respond, at which point one of three scenarios can occur:

i) The neighbour will sign an agreement if the property owner agrees to fix any problems.

  • Appointing a party wall surveyor or having a Party Wall Honor is unnecessary in such basic cases.
  • The owner of the property is responsible for taking up-to-date photographs of the party wall and, ideally, agreeing upon and drafting written notes of any cracks, with copies for both parties.
  • One alternative is to have a surveyor look things over and make a condition report to lower the potential for disagreements down the road. Before beginning the job, this must be completed promptly.

ii) A Party Wall Award is required if the neighbour objects (or if they do not answer within 14 days, in which case they are considered to have objected).

Within the allotted time frame, usually no more than ten days, the homeowner and neighbour can agree on a single Concurred Surveyor who will work in a neutral capacity.

The appointed surveyor must be separate from any surveyor the homeowner may be using for their own projects. If the neighbour doesn't see the surveyor as impartial, the situation could get ugly.

The "Honor" prepared by the Agreed Surveyor describes the anticipated work and includes a photographic schedule of the neighbor's home's current state.

A party wall honour and surveyor will set you back something in the neighbourhood of £1000.00. This is the rate range for hiring a surveyor.

A few architects can also do surveying.

iii)Each individual property owner appoints their own surveyor. This can get costly for homeowners because they are responsible for both their own surveying costs and those of their neighbours.

The notice must spell out all the alternatives open to the neighbour.

If you want to avoid the hassle of putting a Party Wall notice through your neighbour's door, it's best to talk to them first.

  • Shared tea time strengthens bonds and calms nerves. It's possible to provide visual aids and detailed descriptions of the proposed improvements. It's important to note that a formal announcement will be made down the road.
  • A neighbour's request for your surveyor and/or construction company's information is a natural inquisition into the nature of your project and an indication of respect and trust on the part of the neighbour.

Typical mistakes.

  • i) Giving too little advance warning.
  • ii)failing to notify all impacted neighbours. Both the freeholder and those with leases of more than a year are considered to be tenants. Depending on the specifics of the renovations, your terraced house's immediate neighbours on either side may be affected. Owners of properties that are adjacent to apartment buildings may need to give notice to many people. Investigate who owns what in your neighbourhood with the Land Windows database.
  • iii) not providing a clear enough description of the suggested work or provide enough background information. Excavation notices, for instance, must include specifics on the building's design.
  • iv) Forgetting to give proper notice or giving the wrong kind of notice. Foundation excavation requires a different type of notice than party wall construction.
    More than one type of notice may need to be given to neighbours who will be impacted by a single construction project.


  • The construction work can commence on the third day after the two-month mark if the party wall honour is agreed upon.
  • Within a year, most development work has begun.


Making peace with your neighbours

After receiving actual notice, a neighbour may:

  • Submit your agreement in writing
  • Refusal of authorization will start the dispute resolution
  • Respond with a notice of your own, demanding that further work be completed concurrently (at their expense, if they choose to take advantage of the works).

If your neighbour agrees to your notice, they must let you know in writing within 14 days, and you must do the same if you choose to issue a counternotice. A counter-notice must be given within one month after the initial notice.

The notification calls for a response from the neighbours. No action on their part should not be interpreted as approval of your efforts.

If they don't respond to your notice within the given period, the dispute resolution process will also begin without them.

That pays for the work.

Any kind of construction job that you initiate on a party wall is your responsibility to fund.

If the work must be performed as a result of issues or a lack of repair work, your neighbour may be required to pay a portion of the cost. If they want extra work done for their benefit, that will cost them money as well.

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