Party Wall Surveys & Services In Royston

June 8, 2021

Party Wall Solutions Royston

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 requires that you comply with certain regulations, and the surveyors at Party Wall Solutions who work in Royston are able to help you do so. In order to ensure that we are in compliance with the Party Wall etc. Act of 1996, we will never resort to a complete Party Wall Award.

Instead, we will always work closely with you to design alternatives that will defend both your interests and the interests of your neighbour in a manner that is sensible and based in reality.

How Party Wall Solutions Can Help

Several upgrades to an existing Royston structure may need a party wall, or shared wall.

Have you just moved and received a Party Wall Act notification from a neighbour? Party Wall Act may be to blame.

Or, your neighbour may have plans to modify the common wall between your two homes, but you don't know how this will affect you.

If The Above Apply To You Please Contact Party Wall Solutions For Further Advice

Why Choose Us As Your Party Wall Surveyor

We, as unbiased and independent RICS Surveyors, often handle Party Wall problems for owners of structures and owners whose properties are close to those structures. These circumstances can range in complexity from somewhat simple to extremely complex.

It is extremely recommended that you, as the owner of the building, maintain a pleasant and open connection with your neighbour in order to discuss any kind of development plans before you hand out Party Wall Notices. These notices are required by law in the event that there is a party wall.

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