Party Wall Surveys & Services In Rhondda

July 20, 2021

Party Wall Solutions Rhondda

Party wall services offered by Rhondda are available to both individuals and developers.

Building owners and adjacent property owners can benefit from Party Wall Solutions' highly trained and effective party wall surveying services. We are able to make decisions that are impartial, professional, and timely as a consequence of our expertise and understanding of the Party Wall Act. This results in a system that is effective, fair, and to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

What Is A Party Wall Survey

With accordance with the Party Wall Act of 1996, it is customary for buildings that share a party wall to employ a party wall surveyor to assist in the preparation work and administration of a party wall honour or arrangement.

Party Wall Solutions Surveyors, working on behalf of the Building Proprietor or the Adjacent Proprietor, investigate the nature of the Party Wall as well as its placement in relation to both private residential properties. They are also able to provide objective recommendations for either party in consideration of any prepared structural adjustments or repair work that may be required.

Please Contact Us For Further Assistance

How Party Wall Solutions Can Help

Party Wall Solutions Rhondda manages party wall issues efficiently, ensuring Act compliance and reducing delays. Party Wall Solutions Rhondda is a good option. We may provide cost estimates for relationship-based working and analyse the Act's relevance to your project. Whether or not the Act applies to you, you'll still receive this service. Anyone can get a free consultation.

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