Party Wall Surveys & Services In Porth

June 30, 2021

Party Walls Solutions Porth

The experts at Party Wall solutions in Porth are always happy to provide guidance and support about party walls. We have experience and understanding in a wide variety of party wall concerns, and we are able to assist you with a number of projects, ranging from small residential extensions to huge commercial constructions.

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What Is The First Step After Giving A Party Wall Notice?

We would be grateful if you could get in touch with us within the next week so that we can talk about the best way to proceed and address any issues that you may have regarding the construction that is being done by your neighbours.

In the event that you do not concur with the notification, you are obliged by law to retain the services of a surveyor. You have a limited amount of time to respond to this notification; in the event that you do not respond, the owner of the building may get in touch with a surveyor on your behalf and pay for their services. You are kindly urged to get in touch with Party Wall Solutions Porth as soon as possible once you have been notified of the situation by your neighbour.

What Is The Party Wall Act 1996

By regulating the manner in which specific building work is to be carried out on or near the end of two or more properties, the Act offers protection not only to the owner of the building that is planning the work but also to the owner of the property that is adjacent to it.

This is because the Act protects both the owner of the building that is planning the work and the owner of the property that is adjacent to it. The Act provides for the establishment of a framework for the resolution of issues between the owner of a building that is contemplating renovations and the owner of land that is adjacent to the building that is in question.

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