Party Wall Surveys & Services In Oakham

May 19, 2021

Party Wall Solutions Oakham

Anyone who requires the assistance of a Party Wall Surveyor can reach out to Party Wall Solutions Oakham for assistance. Our Chartered Surveyors have a wealth of expertise working on projects of varying sizes, and they are an integral component of the party wall alterations approach. Hundreds of cases have been successfully handled as a result of their significant experience serving as a third party that is impartial and acts as a mediator between the affected property owners.

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How Party Wall Solutions Can Help You

As Chartered Surveyors with experience in Party Wall issues, we can provide assistance with analysing proposals, writing and serving Notices, developing and approving a Schedule of Condition for your neighbor's property, and completing an Award. In addition, we can assist with the completion of an Award.
You may be certain that we will carry out the following activities if you hire Party Wall Solutions Oakham to act as your party wall surveyors:

  • Offering you and your neighbours an in-depth analysis along with advice that have not been influenced by any bias.
  • Ensuring that all bases are covered by maintaining communication with any and all other parties involved, including architects, attorneys, and builders.
  • From our offices, we are responsible for the serving and maintenance of all official Notices.
  • Conversations Regarding the Party Wall Awards

What Is The Party Wall Act

The Party Wall etc Act 1996 was enacted by the government in 1996 to avoid and resolve party wall, boundary wall, and excavation problems. The Act also applies to "party buildings" such as a wall or floor between two homes or apartments.

A building owner who plans to commence Act-covered work must notify nearby property owners following Act procedure. Foundation excavation, chimney removal, and steel beam construction may require notice.

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