Party Wall Surveys & Services In Mossley

December 2, 2020

Party Wall Solutions Mossley

Party Walls Solutions Mossley is prepared to offer guidance regarding party walls for any and all potential problems. We have knowledge and experience in a wide variety of party wall challenges, and we are able to provide assistance to you with a wide range of projects, from small residential additions to large commercial expansions. Any task that involves party walls is one that we are able to assist you with.

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Why Choose Party Wall Solutions Mossley As Your Party Wall Surveyors?

We, as impartial and independent RICS Surveyors regularly handle Party Wall situations of varying degrees of complexity for owners of structures and owners whose properties are adjacent to those structures.

Before handing out Party Wall Notices, it is strongly suggested that you, as the building owner, have a cordial and open relationship with your neighbour in order to discuss any kind of construction plans.

What Is A The Party Wall Act 1996

The Party Wall Act 1996 was enacted by the government in 1996 to avoid and resolve party wall, boundary wall, and excavation problems. The Act also applies to "party buildings" such as a wall or floor between two homes or apartments.

A building owner who plans to commence Act-covered work must notify nearby property owners following Act procedure. Foundation excavation, chimney removal, and steel beam construction may require notice.

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