Party Wall Surveys & Services In Maldon

October 7, 2020

Party Wall Solutions Maldon

Party Wall Solutions Maldon can offer party wall advice in any situation. We can assist you with a variety of projects, ranging from tiny residential to major commercial expansions, due to our expertise and experience with a variety of party wall issues. We can assist you with any project, regardless of its scope. With our support, any project involving the building of party walls can be performed.

Please call Party Wall Solutions Maldon can help with all of your Party Wall matters - Call today to speak to one of our surveyors

What should I do after I receive a Party Wall Notice?

Please contact us within the next week so we can discuss the best plan of action and any concerns you may have regarding the construction of your neighbours' property.

If you disagree with the notification, the law obliges you to hire a surveyor. The building owner may hire a surveyor on your behalf if you do not answer within the specified time frame. When you receive notification from your neighbour, please contact Party Wall Solutions.

Party Wall Solutions can help

Party Wall Solutions Maldon's effective management of party wall concerns helps to both Act compliance and a reduction in delays. In addition to determining if the Act applies to your project, we may also provide cost estimates for a relationship-based work style. This service is provided regardless of the applicability of the Act. Initial talks are always offered at no cost.

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