Party Wall Surveys & Services In Ludlow

February 11, 2021

Party Wall Solutions Ludlow

Party Wall Solutions Ludlow are professionals in offering advise and resolving issues that arise under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996, therefore you can rest assured that we will follow all processes stipulated by the Act when serving as your party wall surveyors.

Party Wall Solutions Ludlow is able to assist with all Party Wall concerns - Call today to speak with one of our professional party wall surveyors

Party Wall Solutions can assist with the following:

  • Alterations to party walls
  • A new wall is being built along the boundary.
  • The excavation in close proximity of adjacent properties

Party Wall Solutions Can Help

The Act applies to both residential and commercial properties, which are frequently overlooked by property owners who intend to extend or alter their property; as a result, it is essential to seek professional guidance prior to beginning construction.

According to the Act, practises include notifying neighbours of planned work and seeking their consent to ensure the successful execution of any necessary work.

In the event of a conflict with a neighbour, a Party Wall Award is produced and given to both sides. The award is accompanied by a Schedule of Conditions that specifies the existing condition of adjacent land prior to development.

Regardless of the scale of your construction project, you must determine whether the action in question falls under the scope of the Act. Whether you are the building's owner or a neighbour, as party wall surveyors we can offer you expert guidance.

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