Party Wall Surveys & Services In Knutsford

March 16, 2021

Party Wall Solutions Knutsford

Party Wall Solutions Knutsford provides advice about the Act and can act as surveyor for building owners and adjacent owners, in addition to the agreed surveyor duty.

For clients requiring building surveys, we may offer advise on the Party Wall Act of 1996, boundary disputes, and structural issues. Each of our customers receives individualised treatment, as no two jobs are identical. This has allowed us to establish solid working connections with a variety of customers around the United Kingdom.

Please call Party Wall Solutions Knutsford to speak to one of our expert Party Wall surveyors about how we can help

What can a Party Wall Surveyor do?

Representing the Building Owners. As party wall advisors, we may represent building owners by serving all relevant notifications, creating schedules of condition, and negotiating party wall awards in close coordination with architects and engineers.

Representing the Adjoining Owners. Prior to the commencement of construction, we may assist adjacent property owners who have been issued with party wall notifications to ensure that they are appropriately represented under the Act and that the proper legal procedures are followed.

Serving as the agreed-upon surveyor for both owners. We can represent both parties if they agree that a single surveyor is allowed to determine the disagreement. This strategy is best suitable when the disputed matter(s) are of a simple nature or involve residential construction projects.

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