Party Wall Surveys & Services In Ilkley

February 3, 2021

Party Wall Solutions Ilkley

Party Wall Solutions Ilkley can give specialist party wall advice for any party wall-related issues. We have expertise and experience with a variety of party wall issues and can assist you with a wide range of projects, from tiny residential additions to massive commercial expansions.

With our expert knowledge of the party wall act, Party Wall Solutions is able to help you in a number of ways.

Please call Party Wall Solution Ilkley today to talk to one of our surveyors, to find out whether your work comes under the Party Wall act.

Party Wall Solutions can help

Party Wall Solutions is capable of assisting you in a variety of ways:

  • To ensure that you are not held responsible for previous flaws, we will prepare a list of the condition of neighbouring homes.
  • We will propose and create a party wall award
  • We can help you  determine whether the Party Wall etc. Act applies to neighbouring properties.

As an adjacent property owner, you may be affected if your neighbour builds a new extension or building.

  • We are able to answer any queries you may have about your rights under the Party Wall etc. Act.
  • You must take every measure to safeguard your property.

Party Wall Solutions can assist you with all your party wall issues. Contact us immediately to talk with one of our knowledgeable surveyors.

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