Party Wall Surveys & Services In Hythe

May 23, 2021

Party Wall Solutions Hythe

Party Wall Solutions Hythe is a specialist on Party Wall matters; we help with evaluating plans, creating and serving Notices, generating and implementing a Schedule of Condition for your neighbour's land, and completing an Award. If you choose us as your Party Wall Surveyors, you can have confidence in the following commitments:

  • You and your neighbours will receive objective guidance.
  • Communicating with any additional parties, including architects and builders, in order to cover all bases.
  • We maintain and distribute all official Notices.
  • Accepting and reviewing Schedules of condition
  • Discussions on Party Wall Awards

As a neutral third party, it is our duty to verify that construction is conducted legally and without unnecessary delays. Frequently, we are recognised as the "Agreed Surveyor" for both sides, which is more efficient and economical for you and your neighbours.

Call Party Wall Solutions Hythe today for assistance with all of your party wall concerns

What is a Party Wall award?

An award is a legally enforceable agreement drafted by two surveyors to permit notifiable works and offer a set of standards that the person performing the work must adhere to. When a situation that could lead to a disagreement arises, we will work with the other Party Wall Surveyors to reach an agreement on a Party Wall Award, which will then be served.

Our surveyors at Party Wall Solutions Hythe are experts in the Party Wall Act and adept at resolving any Party Wall issues that may arise. Please contact us immediately so that we can determine whether or not the act applies to the potential project you have.

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