Party Wall Surveys & Services In Horsforth

March 24, 2021

Party Wall Solutions Horsforth

Party Wall Solutions Horsforth provides property developers and residents with expert party wall guidance.

As Chartered Surveyors and members of the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors, we provide property owners and adjoining owners with expert and efficient party wall surveying services. Our understanding and familiarity with the Party Wall Act enables us to make well-informed and swift decisions, resulting in a procedure that is efficient, secure, and to the satisfaction of all parties.

Our surveying services for party walls include:

  • Evaluation of proposals and whether you require party wall award
  • Notifying all parties of their relevant requirements.
  • Creating and distributing the Party Wall Notice
  • Organizing party wall awards
  • Notifying adjoining property owners upon receipt of a Notice
  • Act as the appointed Surveyor

Party Wall Solutions Horsforth can help with all of the above - Call now

Do I need a Party Wall Agreement?

In simple terms, The Act applies, and a Party Wall Award may be necessary in three circumstances. These involve:

  • i) If you are constructing on the boundary between your property and a neighbour's
  • ii) When undertaking work on a shared wall with a neighbour
  • iii) When constructing within 3 or 6 metres of a neighbour's property.

Often, the party wall awarding procedure can appear intimidating. It is often viewed as yet another difficulty to overcome in the ever-growing list of problems encountered during the construction process. Our technical knowledge enables Party Wall Solutions Horsforth to simplify this procedure to the fullest extent possible.

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