Party Wall Surveys & Services In Holyhead

January 16, 2021

Party Wall Solutions Holyhead

When you use Party Wall Solutions Holyhead as your party wall surveyors, you can rest certain that we will adhere to all Party Wall etc. Act 1996 rules, since we are experts in providing advice and addressing issues that arise in accordance with the Act and have extensive experience in the field.

Party Wall Solutions Holyhead have professional and experienced surveyors ready to help with all of your party wall issues - Call today for more information

Party Wall Solutions Holyhead can help

  • Adjustments to a party walls
  • A new wall will be built along the boundary.
  • The excavation of adjoining property boundaries

The Act applies to both residential and commercial properties, which are often disregarded by property owners who wish to extend or alter their property; as a result, it is vital to get professional advice prior to beginning construction.

According to the Act, practises include notifying neighbours of planned work and obtaining their permission to guarantee the successful completion of any essential work.

In the event of a dispute with a neighbour, a Party Wall Award is created and presented to both parties. The award is supported by a Schedule of Conditions that outlines the pre-development state of surrounding land.

Regardless of the size of your building project, you must decide if the in issue action falls within the scope of the Act. Whether you are the building's owner or a neighbour, we can provide you with expert help as party wall surveyors.

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