Party Wall Surveys & Services In Brixham

July 29, 2021
Party Wall Surveys & Services In Brixham


For over 20 years, have been trusted as renowned Party Wall specialists to deliver projects and secure people's homes.


The Party Wall and so on. Act 1996 covers three distinct kinds of job; changes to party frameworks (generally walls but might additionally be floors), the building of brand-new walls at the limit as well as excavation near bordering buildings.

These are some case in points of work that is most likely to be covered by the Act:

  • Reducing light beams in to a party wall as part of a loft space conversion
  • Getting rid of chimney busts that are affixed to a party wall
  • Digging deep into for the structures to a new extension within 3m of a adjoining or shared framework
  • Underpinning a party wall to facilitate a cellar expansion

Where job falls within the extent of the Act it is needed for a structure proprietor to serve notice as well as obtain the damaged adjoining owner's consent; if that permission is not forthcoming the celebrations are considered to be 'in dispute' under the Act and also surveyors must be selected to ensure that the dispute can be fixed using a Party Wall Arrangement (technically called an 'Honor').

If the two assigned surveyors fall short to set any one of the issues in dispute they can make a reference to a formerly selected 3rd Land surveyor.

At Party Wall Solutions we have a 12 strong group of experienced party wall surveyors, assistant surveyors and expert party wall administrators to help guarantee that every little thing runs efficiently.

We cover the entire of the internal M25 area from our network of Brixham offices so if you are planning on undertaking job that drops within the extent of the Act or have gotten a notice notifying you of proposed works that may impact your residential or commercial property you are really welcome to call us for some suggestions.

Party Wall Studies & Services In Brixham

Like all our building studies, Party Wall Solutions Party Wall Surveys are conducted by RICS signed up surveyors and give a unbiased and independent service.
A Party Wall is a separating dividers in between two homes, the owners of which have actually shared responsibility for the wall. Our Party Wall Surveyors are certified to suggest you on a range of Party Wall issues you may be experiencing regarding your residential or commercial property.

What Is A Party Wall Survey?

Typically, in the case of homes sharing a Party Wall, a Party Wall Surveyor is contacted to help in the preparation and also management of a Party Wall Honor or Contract, under the Party Wall Act of 1996.

Party Wall Solutions Surveyors, acting on part of the Structure Proprietor or the Adjacent Owner, examine the nature of the Party Wall and also its setting in connection with both private residential or commercial properties, and also can provide impartial advice for either party in factor to consider of prepared structural changes or fixings needed.

Do I Required A Party Wall Surveyor?

You might require the guidance of our Party Wall Surveyors if you are intending any of the following:

  • The building of a brand-new wall at the boundary of 2 buildings
  • Cutting into a Party Wall (for example, removal of a smokeshaft bust or insertion of a steel supporting beam).
  • Knocking down or restoring an existing Party Wall.
  • Tearing down or reconstructing a boundary wall under a Line of Joint Notice.
  • Excavations within 3-6 metres of a neighbouring building's structures.

Party Wall Notices must be served for any job being done in relationship to a Party Wall.

Why Should You Choose Party Wall Solutions As Your Party Wall Surveyors?

As impartial and also independent RICS Surveyors, we routinely handle Party Wall matters in differing complexity for both building owners as well as adjoining owners.
Along with being a regulated firm of Chartered Surveyors, our professional Party Wall Surveyors are members of both the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors and Pyramus & Thisbe Club.
We always recommend you, as the structure owner, maintaining an open as well as positive relationship with your neighbour to discuss any type of construction prepares before serving Party Wall Notices.

We are Experienced Party Wall Surveyors and Building Surveyors

Who We Are

With our head workplace based in North Brixham as well as additional workplaces based in Central Brixham and also Surrey, we have actually experienced RICS Chartered Surveyors, Members of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Participants of the Chartered Institute of Structure, RICS Registered Valuers and also RICS Accredited Mediators.

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What We Do

Our Surveyors are experts in Residential Evaluating, we are experienced in a series of Checking Solutions including Party Wall Agreements, Property Valuations, Pre-purchase Studies, Residential Or Commercial Property Dispute Arbitration and Limit Disputes. We are skilled, competent as well as on hand to assist with your Evaluating issues.

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How We Do It

Here at Party Wall Solutions Surveyors, our Chartered Surveyors and also Structure Surveyors are not just competent yet are additionally experienced, being experts in Party Wall Surveying and also Residential Checking. Via our industry-first customer portal, you can be certain to be maintained to day throughout the whole Surveying process.

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Do I require a party wall contract?

When do you require a party wall notice or party wall contract (practically called a party wall honor)? Our guide gives you all the answers you require to acquire the correct approvals to perform your structure jobs. And, if you need one, just how to locate a party wall surveyor.

When do I need a party wall contract?

  • A party wall is the common wall, generally between a terrace or semi-detached home, and also splits the homes of two separate owners
  • It likewise consists of garden walls constructed over a border as well as excavations near to a neighbor's property (within three or six meters, depending upon the depth of the new structures).
  • In the house, Party Wall Agreements are most frequently required for developing works that involve loft conversions, the insertion of damp proof training courses and the digging of brand-new foundations (as would be required in building an extension).

Acquiring approval for party wall building jobs.

  • Before party wall building works can start, the homeowner (Building Owner) requires a written Party Wall Contract from all affected neighbors (Adjoining Proprietors).
  • Or a surveyor needs to be selected to prepare a Party Wall Award (the agreed document laying out just how the works should proceed). Promptly discover qualified local Party Wall Surveyors with our complimentary Party Wall Surveyor service.
  • To begin this process, the homeowner has to serve a Party Wall Notice on their neighbors, in writing, concerning the planned party wall works.

Serving a party wall notice.

Serving notice can be provided for free, utilizing appropriate common kinds or by a party wall surveyor for a level fee. A letter of recognition for the neighbour to complete and return is typically included.

A house owner has to give 2 months composed notice on structure jobs which affect a party wall or limit, or one month's notice for excavations.

Preparation authorization is not needed to serve a Party Wall notice, and when notice has actually been served, the property owner has up to a year to start job.

Gaining assent.

As soon as notice is served, a neighbor has fourteen days to respond, after which, there are three feasible results:

i) The neighbour offers acceptance in composing providing the homeowner will certainly put right any kind of problems.

  • In such straightforward cases, there is no demand to designate a party wall surveyor or have a Party Wall Honor.
  • The property owner needs to take dated photos of the party wall and also preferably have agreed composed notes of any kind of splits, with copies for both.
  • Or a surveyor could be appointed to prepare a routine as well as examine of condition to minimise the risk of disagreements later. This ought to be done quickly prior to the work begins.

ii) If the neighbor dissents (or if they do not NOT respond within 2 week, in which case, they are assumed to have actually dissented), a Party Wall Honor is needed.

In this situation, both home owner as well as neighbour can appoint ONE Agreed Surveyor, typically within ten days, that can act impartially for both.
The concurred surveyor needs to be independent and also NOT the same surveyor the home owner may be utilizing for their very own works. Otherwise their neighbor is not likely to view the surveyor as neutral.
The Agreed Surveyor generates an "Award" which information the works recommended and a timetable of condition, consisting of pictures, of the neighbor's home.
Surveyors' prices range ₤ 150.00 as well as ₤ 200.00 per hr and a party wall award as well as surveyor expenses roughly ₤ 1000.00.
Some engineers are likewise able to function as surveyors.
iii) Each owner designates their very own surveyor. This is pricey for the homeowner who is responsible for the prices of their neighbor's surveyor as well as their very own.

It is necessary that all these alternatives offered to the neighbor, are explained plainly in the notice.

Keeping good connections with your neighbors.

  • Prior to uploading a Party Wall notice via your neighbor's letterbox, which can show up intimidating, have a pleasant conversation.
  • A shared cup of tea fosters goodwill as well as eases worries. It is a possibility to reveal sketches as well as discuss the prepared jobs. It is worthwhile including that a formal notice will be sent later.
  • It is reasonable for your neighbour to request for the contact information of your surveyor and/or structure firm for further details and also peace of mind.

Usual blunders.

  • i) not offering adequate notice.
  • ii) not educating all the affected neighbors. This includes the freeholder and also anybody with a leasehold much longer than a year. Neighbors on both sides may be influenced depending on the works if you live in a terraced residence. A house owner living beside flats, might need to serve notice on a variety of different people. Check building ownership by means of the Land Registry.
  • iii) not describing the recommended job exactly sufficient or otherwise consisting of enough info. Notices regarding excavations, for example, need to include complete structural information.
  • iv) not using the standard, or incorrect kind of notice. The kind of notice for excavating foundations is different from a party wall.
    One structure project might need more than one kind of notice served on each impacted neighbour.


  • 2 months and also eventually later on: building jobs can begin, presuming the party wall award has been agreed.
  • One year as well as someday later: developing works should have started.

Party walls and building work

Getting to a contract with your neighbours

As soon as you have actually given notice your neighbor can:

  • give approval in creating
  • refuse approval, which will certainly start the dispute resolution procedure
  • If they profit from the works), offer a counter notice requesting extra jobs be done at the same time (they'll have to pay for these.

Your neighbour needs to allow you understand in creating within 14 days if they grant your notice, as well as you must do the exact same with any kind of counter notice. A counter notice must be served within a month of the initial notice.

Your neighbors require to reply to the notice. You can not assume that no feedback indicates they accept the jobs.

The dispute resolution procedure will also start if they do not respond to your notice within the offered time.

That pays for the job.

You require to pay for any kind of building works that you start on a party wall.

Your neighbour may need to satisfy a share of the cost if the work requires to be done as a result of issues or absence of fixing. They will likewise need to pay if they request for additional works to be done that will profit them.

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