Party Wall Surveys & Services In Bodmin

January 11, 2021

Party Wall Solutions Bodmin

Party Wall Solutions  Bodmin will provide knowledgeable advice regarding the Party Wall, etc. The Act of 1996 may effect you. We can assist you whether you want to execute the task yourself or have received a Notice from a neighbour. This may involve establishing whether your project falls under the Act, advising you on the potential consequences of the proposed work, and aiding you if a neighbour issues a Party Wall Notice. We can ensure that all needed legal notices are properly served and that all impacted properties receive the necessary legal protection.

The Party Wall Act

The term "party wall" has to be defined more specifically. It is important to understand the various legal definitions of a "party wall" while evaluating your neighbor's proposed construction. If the project involves adjustments to a party wall, the project organiser may be obliged to get a party wall agreement.

The chimney breasts on a party wall have been removed, as is customary in this line of work. shrinking or enlarging a party wall (height, breadth, or depth). A brand-new garage or storage shed built right up to the boundary line. altering an attic area. carrying out installation tasks associated with RSJ (steel joists). The second level is being rebuilt from the ground up.

Party Wall Solutions  Bodmin offers low pricing and skilled management of party wall matters to ensure Act compliance and reduce delays. In addition to establishing whether or whether the Act is applicable to your project, we can also provide cost estimates for a relationship-based working method. Initial inquiries and interactions are always free.

To learn more, please contact us at 03300100075.

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