Party Wall Surveys & Services In Blantyre

January 21, 2021

Party Wall Solutions Blantyre

We ensure that the party wall process is straightforward and simple, with no hidden expenses.
Party Wall Solutions offers help on all concerns pertaining to party walls. We can assist you with a range of projects, from minor residential extensions to massive commercial expansions, due to our expertise and experience with a variety of party wall issues.

We can assist you in determining which neighbouring properties come under the Party Wall Act.

  • We will, upon request, provide party wall notices.
  • We can discuss and prepare an award for the party wall (sometimes also referred to as a party wall agreement).
  • To ensure that you are not held liable for any pre-existing difficulties, we can produce a list of the condition of the neighbouring properties.

Please call us promptly at 03300100075 if you are planning to perform work covered by the Act or if you have received notification of proposed actions that may affect your property.

Why choose Party Wall Solutions Blantyre?

Party Wall Solutions  Blantyre Surveyors is an impartial, independent, insured, and regulated organisation that conforms to rigorous standards of conduct and professional values.
We take great pride in possessing the knowledge required to properly address all types of party wall issues, as well as the highly efficient procedures that allow us to offer competitive rates while maintaining the highest level of professionalism.

We have served as the building owner's surveyor, the adjoining owner's surveyor, and the agreed-upon surveyor for both the building owner and adjoining owner.

Typically, the building owner performing the work is liable for paying the surveyor's fees of the neighbouring property owner.

Contact Party Wall Solutions Blantyre.

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