Party Wall Surveys & Services In Birstall

November 20, 2020

Party Wall Solutions Birstall

The Party Wall etc. Act of 1996 was enacted as a guideline for homeowners when construction work involves a party wall or party fence wall, and Party Wall Solutions Birstall takes it seriously.
It was intended to reduce disputes by requiring property owners to hire qualified Chartered Surveyors, such as ourselves, to establish the form and timing of necessary renovations.

Do I fall under the Party Wall Act?

Perform you intend to do work involving:

  • Work on a wall, ceiling, or floor shared with another property?
  • Constructing near or on the edge of another structure?
  • Are you excavating close to a neighbouring structure or building?

If this is the case, it is required to determine whether the work fits within the scope of the Act. If this occurs, a legal notification must be sent to all adjacent property owners.

Frequently, establishing whether a given construction project fits under the Act requires more than a simple review of the preceding bullet points. If you fail to appropriately identify the status of your project, your construction activities may be declared unlawful.

We have years of experience in party wall matters at Party Wall Solutions Birstall, and we help our clients through an often complex, perplexing, and stressful procedure.

In addition, we assist the owners of properties adjacent to a structure that is undergoing repairs. Regardless of the issue, we will take the necessary precautions to reduce the risk of any type of damage.

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